Discover How Quickly Your Life Can Change When You Have a Clear Vision And Imagine Effectively

Home-Based Business Starting Within Two Weeks

“I am AMAZED at how quickly things are changing for me.”

Hi Carl,

I am AMAZED at how quickly things are changing for me.

As you may remember, I found myself with a little home-based business starting within two weeks of beginning this process.

That was my primary goal –an income, from home, created by some “art” form of mine.

Well, I was moved to draw a picture (I LOVE to draw) for an advertisement poster, and put it up around the area.

I’ve had TWO clients pay me already –one pre-paying. How cool is that?

I now have a separate cash stash from and for my new business!

Three weeks ago none of this was happening.

It is because of your ALV training –asking the questions and my answering them for myself– that has started the ball rolling. And it’s fun!

Thanks, Cheryl

Here is a picture of the flyer that Cheryl made and distributed for her new business.

12 Powerful Abundance Life Vision Training Audios For You

Here is a list of the Abundance Life Vision FREE Training audios that I mentioned in the video. When you scroll down the page you will see each audio has “Bullet Points” on topics covered in the audios. You can play each of the audios on this web page

Introduction 1
The Ego money Trap 2
Why People Fail 3
The Guru Trap 4
The How To Trap and The Time Trap 5
The Game Of Life 6
the How To Trap and The Time Trap
The Guru Trap
Imagining Creates Reality
Review and Summary of What We Learn
Punctuality and Your Spiritual Journey
Higher Self Connection 12

1) Your Abundance Life Vision Introduction (35.01)

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Your Abundance Life Vision Introduction
00:00:00 00:00:00
00:00:00 00:00:00

  • How does The Abundance Life Vision Process Fit In your Life
  • Inner and Outer Freedom
  • Getting Centered Connecting With Your Higher Self
  • Who is This Training For?
  • What is the Ego?
  • Who We Think We Are…
  • Who We Really Are…
  • The Purpose of The Intellect
  • Energy Power and Life Force
  • Programming and Ego
  • Programming and The Higher Self
  • How The Dysfunction of the Planet Reflects the Dysfunction of the People
  • How Ego is Creating Dysfunction In People
  • What Are You Really Here To Do
  • Some Real Examples Ending Up On The Wrong Path
  • Observing Your Ego and Managing It
  • A Little Story To Think About…

2) The Ego Money Trap (15.33)

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The Ego Money Trap
00:00:00 00:00:00
00:00:00 00:00:00

  • Money in the World Today
  • Ego and Money
  • How Much Money
  • A Better Definition for money
  • Alignment To Money
  • What is a Million Dollars
  • What the Ego Does With a Car and a Full Tank of Fuel
  • The Ego Money Trap
  • How Many People Fall in the Trap
  • How Much Money Does it Really Take to Feel Free
  • Who Feels Abundant and Who Feels Poverty
  • Perception
  • The Egos Mathematics of Money
  • The Benefits of Having a Vision For Your Life

3) Why People Fail (15.28)

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Why People Fail
00:00:00 00:00:00
00:00:00 00:00:00

  • A Little Story About Life
  • Another Little Story About Life
  • Is It Right Or Wrong For You
  • Energy
  • Why People Fail
  • 80% 20% 5%
  • Who Defined Success?
  • Spiritual Principles and Egos Desires
  • Push Fight Struggle
  • When Will You Do What You Love
  • What Does it Take To Be Successful
  • Vanish Procrastination Forever
  • Which Aspect of Your Life Will You Work On
  • Unlimited Energy Unlimited Power

4) The Guru Trap (05.20)

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The Guru Trap
00:00:00 00:00:00
00:00:00 00:00:00

  • What is a Guru Trap
  • Who Loves the Guru Trap
  • Who Gets Caught in the Guru Trap
  • What Happens in the Guru Trap
  • Challenges That Come From The Guru Trap
  • What to Do With Guru’s
  • What You Want to Do Instead
  • What to Believe
  • The Moral of The Story
  • Core Beliefs and Those That Help

5) The How To Trap and The Time Trap (10.37)

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The How To and Time Traps
00:00:00 00:00:00
00:00:00 00:00:00

  • The Tricks and Traps of the Ego
  • What Will the Ego Do?
  • What Happens When You Follow Another Persons How To
  • What You Lose By Following How To’s
  • What Really Happens When You Are Aligned to Your Vision
  • The Ego’s Time Trap
  • What is Time
  • What the Ego Does With The Now
  • Intuition and Timing
  • What Can You Lose If You Fall In the Time Trap
  • Where Are All The Happy People
  • Who Has Your Highest Interests At Heart

6) The Game Of Life (31.50)

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The Game Of Life
00:00:00 00:00:00
00:00:00 00:00:00

  • The Steps of The Process
  • The First Step
  • Higher Self – Persona – Unconscious Mind Harmonious Operation
  • Two Kinds of “In The Zone”
  • What Really is The Universe
  • The Process of The Game of Life
  • The Adamic Dream
  • How Life Works and Getting Results
  • What People Are Really Looking For
  • A Powerful Quote About Life
  • Simple Recipe for Accumulated Disaster And Simple Formula For Success
  • What Your Change Contributes To All Things
  • The Spiritual Evolution is Here Now
  • Your Power of Concentration
  • What Concentration Means to Your Success
  • Where to Put Your Focus
  • What Really Happens When People Can’t Concentrate
  • The Two Ways That Life is Lived
  • This is All Actually a Lot Easier Than You Think

7) Implementing Your Vision (14.43)

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Implementing Your Vision
00:00:00 00:00:00
00:00:00 00:00:00

  • What Can You Expect
  • What You Have To Do In The Beginning
  • How to Make Your Shift Easily
  • Where to Apply the Hammer
  • No One to Change But Self
  • Bubble of Energy
  • The Biggest Secret
  • Clearings
  • One of the Techniques I Use
  • How to Approach Your New Life
  • What Are Sacred Mirrors
  • How To Use the Sacred Mirrors
  • Willingness and Sincerity to Change
  • Energizing Your Vision
  • Pulling Your Power Back to You
  • Becoming Natural and Getting Your Smile Back
  • How Many Hours
  • Whose Vision and Goals Are You Energizing

8) A Few More Words About The Vision Process (04.36)

Audio Player – Click Play Button:

A Few More Words About The Vision Process
00:00:00 00:00:00
00:00:00 00:00:00

  • Knowledge For Your Conscious And Unconscious Minds
  • Questions to Lead You and Draw Deep From Within You
  • Are You Aware of Your Unique Life Skills, Gifts Talents
  • Pure Knowledge
  • The More You Ask of Your Higher Self the More Help You Get
  • Passion Purpose Knowing
  • Naturalness
  • Spiritual Principles and Goals
  • Building a Picture For Your Life

9) Imagining Creates Reality (25.34)

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Imagining Creates Reality
00:00:00 00:00:00
00:00:00 00:00:00

  • It’s Step Four
  • What is The First Thing We Do
  • When Should You Center and Connect
  • What is Magical And Changes Lives
  • The Sea of Consciousness
  • Co-Creation and The Creation Process
  • What is The Best Deal
  • Permutations and Combinations
  • Infinite Forks in The Road Of Life
  • The Golden Rule
  • Perfect
  • Many Ways
  • Visualization and Your Life Vision
  • What Shows Up?
  • Many Techniques
  • On a Motorbike Driving Along
  • What Will Your Higher Self Do
  • Fail or Succeed Many Ways
  • What To Notice
  • Om Shanti Shanti or Not
  • Your Highest Evolution
  • The Happiness Clue and Trade Offs
  • Riding a Bike
  • The Juice Of Manifestation

10) Review and Summary Of What We Learned (19.00)

Audio Player – Click Play Button:

Review and Summary Of What We Learned
00:00:00 00:00:00
00:00:00 00:00:00

This is a summary of the audios so far:

  • Major Points To Be Aware Of
  • Learn The Game Of Life
  • Where to Put Your Trust Faith and Action
  • What Every One Has and Most Don’t Use
  • A Unique Life
  • What You Cant Buy At ANY Price
  • How Much Time Does It Take
  • What Can You Do Right Now
  • What Do Most People Burn up
  • What Your POWER Will Give You
  • Examples
  • What Become Faster
  • What To Cut Away
  • How to Clear ANYTHING
  • IMPORTANT The Best Team Ever
  • Clearing – What it’s Not About
  • What Comes Back Into Your Life
  • What is Ridiculous
  • What Can You Turn Around
  • What You Can Do With Your Imagination
  • The Prize
  • Or The Ego’s Price
  • My Suggestion
  • What You Will Find Inside Of You

11) Punctuality and Your Spiritual Journey (14.00)

Audio Player – Click Play Button:

Punctuality and the Spiritual Journey
00:00:00 00:00:00
00:00:00 00:00:00

  • A couple of great little stories and also some reasons why Punctuality is Powerful!

12) Higher Self Connection Guided Audio (05.39)

Audio Player – Click Play Button:

Higher Self Connection
00:00:00 00:00:00
00:00:00 00:00:00

  • This is a short guided audio that you can use anytime to get centered and connected with your Higher Self

Whether you are completely beaten chasing your ego’s desires or ready to take your life to a whole new level…

you’ll soon discover that Living life in a “Truly Aligned Way” makes life so much simpler, EASY and IN-JOYable!

In fact one Abundance Life Vision student said:

Module 1 -The Game of Life

The Game of Life is taught via Videos and Audios with a series of many,many pictures to illustrate each part of the game. If a normal picture is worth a thousand words then these are worth millions. (Hand drawn with love by yours truly) 🙂

The Game Of Life

The Game Of Life Introduction Video (25.38)

In The Beginning

In The Beginning Video (20.52)
Audio: Guided Mother Earth Meditation (28.48)

A Child Is Born

A Child Is Born Video (41.18)

Programming 101

Programming 101 Video (43.28)
Programming 101 Summary mp3 (13.18)
Mind Works Video (18.19)
Knowledge 1 (37.24) and 2 videos (15.26)


Energy Video 1 (29.24)
Energy Video 2 (25.32)
Energy Video 3 (27.06)
Boosting Energy Exercise Audio Mp3

Personal Power and Freedom

Personal Power and Freedom Video 1 (47.47)
Audio Mp3 Version Video 1 (47.47)
Personal Power and Freedom Video 2 (09.40)

Module 2 – Your Abundance True Life Vision

Abundance True Life Vision Process

As I explain in the introductory video and also as you will learn from watching the “Start Here” video below, there is a world of a difference between doing YOUR life vision from the perspective of the Ego and your True and Real perspective of your Higher Self.

The 12 audios on this page and the Game of Life Video Series is essential listening and watching before you even consider to do your Vision Process.

Follow the steps in this course with diligence and dedication and you will surely manifest the Life You Were Born To Live.

The Audios and Videos

  • Abundance Life Vision Process Introduction Video (13.42)
  • Guided Abundance Life Vision Process Audio (1.14.58)
    (Allow 2-3 hours of personal time and space for this process)
  • Instructions for Daily Vision Imaginary Experience (23.00)
  • Guided Daily Vision Imaginary Experience (20.42)

Having completed your Abundance Life Vision and anchored it and sent it out to the Universe, you will be using the twenty minute version until you are familiar with it and then start practicing with the condensed guided versions :

  • Daily Guided Vision Imaginary Experience (15 Minute)
  • Daily Guided Vision Imaginary Experience (11 Minute)
  • Daily Guided Vision Imaginary Experience (7 Minute)

Energizing and Manifesting Your True Life Vision

  • Energizing and Manifesting Your Vision Introduction Video (16.58)
  • Your Vision LIFE Video 1 (41.59)
  • Your Vision LIFE Video 2 (25.11)
  • Daily Imaginary Experience Update (06.50)

Here Are 7 Simple, Yet POWERFUL & REAL Benefits Of Manifesting YOUR Abundance True Life Vision:

Benefit One

You are creating YOUR new life from a perspective of True Inner Alignment.

What does this mean?

It simply means that All Of YOU wants your TRUE desires and because there are fewer inner objections, manifestation is not only faster but easier as well.

Conversely, only a part of you wants your Ego’s-Desires and that’s your Ego

Benefit Two

Inner conflicts are more easily and permanently cleared.
Of course you will have inner conflicts to resolve but they are so much more easily cleared.

In short…

The Ego’s-Desires cause HUGE inner conflicts which cannot be cleared from the perspective of the Ego.

Which is why people buy course after course with so little results.

Desires that come from your Higher Self (The True YOU) are Harmoniously aligned and many of the original inner conflicts (created by the Ego) simply disappear.

Conflicts that remain have less power and can be more easily observed and cleared using the techniques in the training.

Benefit Three

Simply identifying your Abundance True Life Vision will give you levels of Joy and Happiness that you forgot were possible.

Fear, Stress and Worry will lessen and eventually disappear as you work to manifest your New Life.

Benefit Four

You will experience more and more seemingly magical Co-Incidences.

Most people short-circuit their natural power of manifestation by focusing their energy on the Ego’s desires and trying to solve the endless problems it creates.

As you work on imagining and manifesting your Abundance True Life Vision you experience the benefits of using YOUR Personal Power correctly.

Benefit Five

As YOUR Personal Power expands you start to experience the Positive Side of “The Law Of Attraction”.

Previously you attracted seemingly negative experiences (Learning opportunities)

But now that YOUR Power is aligned and focused for YOUR Highest Good and the Highest Good of ALL others you begin to attract more and more wonderful life experiences.

Benefit Six

You will experience the benefits of making the Right Decisions.

Most people make important life decisions as a re-action to the chaos their Ego driven desires has caused.

When you have True Inner Alignment and you know without a shadow of a doubt you are on the right path in YOUR life then making ANY decision is EASY.

Quite simply…

A decision that moves you in the direction of manifesting YOUR Abundance True Life Vision is correct.

A decision that takes you away from Living The Life You Were Born To Live is wrong.

Benefit Seven

Living YOUR Life in the way it was always meant to be lived not only benefits YOU but ALL of Humanity, Mother Earth and ALL of her children. In fact it benefits ALL of creation.

Quite simply…

You CAN make a BIG BIG difference in the world!

You Can Join the Abundance Life Vision Training NOW

…..and get out of the crowd…..

…. to where life is more peaceful and IN-JOYable

Read on…

Module 3 – Clearing Your Path

The Easy Way To Clearing Your Path

When you begin to consciously observe your own life and what you have created, whilst focused on your True Abundance Life Vision, you will I’m sure have come to the obvious conclusion that there is “stuff” in your mind (Programs, Habits, Patterns and what I call Stupid Rules) that have to be cleared.

And, having been through the “Game of Life” and “Your Abundance True Life Vision Process” you will start to become aware of what specifically you must clear .

In this section I show you how to use simply yet highly effective tools to clear whatever stands in your way in your own mind.

Most people on their “Personal Development Quest” spend years trying to avoid the clearing part of the process before realizing that ALL the problems they are still experiencing they are also creating, albeit Unconsciously.

In life there is “No One To Change But Self” and these are the tools to help you do it. The sooner you do it the sooner you are FREE. That’s the way it works 🙂

  • Clearing Module Introduction Video (46.26)
  • Prelude to Clearing Tips Video (10.59)
  • Clearing Before Sleep Tips Video (02.35)
  • The Black Bag Tips Video (03,11)
  • When To Rest Tips Video (02.41)
  • Holy Pony Pony Technique Video (12.11)
  • The Stage Techniques Video (07.11)
  • The Quick Clear 1 Technique Video (04.23)
  • The Quick Clear 2 Technique Video (04.11)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Video (21.35)
  • The Recycle Bin Techniques Video (18.45)
  • Mini Goals Technique Video (06.07)
  • Power of Nature Techniques and Tips Video (08.47)
  • White Light Clearing and Cleansing Technique Video (04.45)
  • Using Black Tourmaline Technique Video (02.27)

Personal Space and Energy Clearing

In this section we approach clearing from a slightly different yet utterly necessary perspective.

  • Energy and Space Clearing Introduction Video (02.58)
  • Space and Energy Clearing Manual Overview Video (04.01)
  • Personal Integrity and Self Honesty Processes Video (33.45)
  • Mental Diets Tips Video (07.14)

You Can Start Your Training Right Here Right Now

This is the first step of the training from the course.

Its a “14 minute video” from the Abundance Life Vision members area and it outlines some powerful steps to take account of where you are at in your life right now.

When you pay attention to this audio and do the process you will be AMAZED at the different overview of your life that you write from your “Normal Perspective” and the “Perspective of Your Higher Self“.

One student achieved a “Major Life Goal” set with just this process in JUST 11 days.

When you get Super-Clear and Super-Aligned your Desired-Life starts showing up!

I’ve Got You Covered…
All You Need to Do Is Take The “Leap” With Faith!


That’s me in the photo teaching a friend forwards abseiling down a cliff… “Batman Style”

So I’m well versed in what it takes to make sure that you are comfortable and ready to take the leap on your own, but knowing that there is someone you can trust and rely on and can ask if you need help and advice.

In the members area we have a comments system where you can ask your questions and I’ll answer them.

Copyright © 2014 - 2020. Imagine Manifest Your Abundance Life Vision by Carl Bradbrook

Copyright © 2014 - 2020. Imagine Manifest Your Abundance Life Vision
by Carl Bradbrook