Abundance Visualization Training
Full Training Overview


Step One/Day One Audio:
“Making Your Universal Connection”

(Time: 30 Minutes plus coaching and preparation)

Step One/Day One begins with a little preparation, about 35 minutes, which is listening to the “Invisible Council” and “Mental Brownies” audio’s again.

AND There is of course the “Action Steps Manual” to read and a “Daily Coaching Audio”.

Having done that, you simply find a nice comfortable chair in a place you won’t be disturbed and listen to the guided meditation called… “Making Your Universal Connection”

“Relaxation” is one of the “MUST HAVE” habits to acquire to SPEED UP the manifestation process and this audio is the first step. (I also explain the “Attracting Power of Relaxation” in one of the Mind Training audio’s)

Here are some of the KEY points that are covered and integrated in the “Making Your Universal Connection” meditation audio:

  • Learning to relax your body and mind quickly and easily
  • Consciously and unconsciously connecting with the Universe in ways that are for your highest good;
  • Creating a harmonious relationship with your Unconscious Mind;
  • Directing your Unconscious Mind to make you successful in what it is that you have decided to focus on;
  • Gathering your success resources and making them available to you;
  • Connecting with YOUR OWN True Abundance power and expanding it;
  • Opening your mind to receive ideas that are right for you and if It is appropriate these can lead to money ideas and money opportunities
  • Allowing yourself to receive  ideas that are right for you, including money ideas; money opportunities;
  • Abundance energy and money flowing to you and through you;
  • Directing your Unconscious Mind to Prepare your “Inner Abundance Center”;
  • Looking after yourself; Taking care of yourself;
  • Even while you sleep you Unconscious Mind is lovingly helping you and making changes for your highest good;
  • You and Your Unconscious Mind are now harmoniously working together. Have fun with this! Enjoy the process! Congratulate yourself! Love yourself!

Having fun and enjoying life is the way to speed up the manifestation process. It is raising your energy and your vibration.

Step Two/Day Two Audio:
Setting Up Your “Inner Abundance Center”

(Time: 50 Minutes total – Includes the coaching audio)

Step Two/Day Two is the start of the “Guided Visualization Training”. Yesterday was a “Guided Meditation” and today is a “Guided Visualization”.

Yesterday I was guiding You and your Unconscious Mind BUT from today on YOU are harmoniously working with and directing your Unconscious Mind during the process. I will still be guiding you, but you will be actively “doing the doing”.

Today you are going to set up your “Inner Abundance Center” which is a focal point in your minds eye.

It is a place that you can go to in your mind and by repeatedly doing this you are letting your Unconscious Mind know that whatever you do in your “Inner Abundance Center”and whenever you go to your “Inner Abundance Center” it has a special importance for you.

>>>This is a really fun audio to do, so approach it with a childlike enthusiasm and Play,Play,Play!<<<

Here are some of the things that you will be learning to do:

  • Learning to relax your body and mind quickly and easily. (Each time you do this you are teaching your Unconscious Mind to give you a creative relaxation state more easily)
  • Consciously and unconsciously connecting with the Universe in ways that are for your highest good; (Each time you do this you are re-affirming your connectedness with the Universe)
  • Visiting and setting up your “Inner Abundance Center”
  • Creating your own “Personal Abundance Space”
  • Managing your Abundance, Attracting Money and Cash Flow
  • Creating Something Very Special in your “Inner Abundance Center” that you will use each time you visit and for your “Imaginary Experiences” and co-creation
  • Creating amazing ways for opportunity to flow to you so you notice it
  • Creating amazing ways to use the abundance and money that flows to you. Yes, you flow money through your life. It is the flow that is all a part of abundance and teaches you to USE MONEY not hoard it or be scared of not having enough. (Think of a naturally clean flowing river – that is the way you want to be with your money and abundance mindset and inner harmonious programming)
  • Allowing yourself to receive ideas that are appropriate for you and for your Highest Good
  • You and Your Unconscious Mind are now harmoniously working together.

Step 3/Day 3 Audio:
Visiting Your “Inner Abundance Center”
Increasing Your Abundance, Attraction and Money Flow

(Time: 25 Minutes total)

The first step today is to play the “”Coaching Audio”.

This is a progressive course and we are working to master a simple few steps that have been designed to empower you to create your own visualizations and imaginary experiences.

So today you will be visiting your “Inner Abundance Center” again.

In today’s audio I am using less words.. I am just guiding you to go here… do this… do that … gently reminding you of the steps to take.

Once again, it is you and your Unconscious Mind that are creating your experience harmoniously together. Each day as you do this you will be developing your experience.

There is no right or wrong . What you are doing is using the “Universal Formula for Success”… creating “Mind Pictures” and then tailoring it so it’s just right for you.

Each day that you practice your visualizations you are building one of the most powerful and tranformative “Success Habits” known to man.

Step 4/Audio 4:
Visiting Your “Inner Abundance Center”
Increasing Your Abundance, Attraction and Money Flow

(Time: 25 Minutes total)

Each day, until you have the concepts you are using easily accessible in your conscious mind, play the coaching audio first.

Today’s audio is a little bit shorter and there are more space for you to act on your own and create.

Remember… your Unconscious Mind learns instantly and the knowledge, information and techniques you have gained so far is already available to you, so you can draw on them at will. Just ask!

Special Purpose Visits To
Your Inner Abundance Center


Now that you have had some practice to integrate the trainings and have had your first sample of an audio (Step Three Audio) with less of my guidance, you now have the option  to move onto using your “Inner Abundance Center” in more of your own creative way.

The whole idea of this Unconscious Mind Training is that you learn to create Imaginary Experiences for yourself and become more proficient at communicating your wishes and desires to your Unconscious Mind.

There are a selection of AWESOME AUDIO’S in this section that offer you the next level of training.

The Special Purpose Visit Audio’s include:

The first three audios below have less of my guidance so that you have more room to work with your Unconscious Mind to give specific instructions that you desire to realise. These can be goals or tasks or connections. The choice is yours and as always “Plan your Imaginary Experience” prior to doing it.

  • Universal Manifesting
  • Universal Marketing
  • Special Purpose Visits

And the following 2 audios once again have more of my guidance so that you can access states of consciousness that you can then use in your continuing journey into “Mastering Your Wonderful Imagination”.

  • Installing Inner Joy Happiness and Self Loving
  • Laugh Your Way To The Bank

Below You Will Find More Information
on Each Of The Special Purpose Visits

Universal Manifesting and Universal Marketing

These are the next two audio’s on the list and in this audio I guide you to visit your Inner Abundance Center  and Personal Abundance Space where you will start to use your Abundance Chair for a magical new purpose.

  • Universal Marketing

This time you will use it for either connecting with people or businesses etc for the purpose of marketing your products, services or indeed yourself and in the Manifesting audio you can simply sit in your Abundance Chair and run through an Imaginary Experience that you have previously outlined, thus impressing that experience to your Unconscious Mind and to the Universe with your desires at this deeper level of consciousness.

  • Universal Manifesting

To get an idea of the kinds of Imaginary Experiences that people have used with absolute success, please read the testimonials on the sales page for Abundance Visualization Training and also I have included in the bonus section,  The Law and The Promise ebook and audio book, which is an awesome book by Neville Goddard containing many, many examples of  testimonials from people successfully manifesting their desires.

Read and listen to the audio book several times and your Unconscious Mind will get the idea of what you want it to do for you. All you need to do is to set the goal and write a description and then IMAGINE your desire as the wish fulfilled whilst at a deeper level of consciousness in your Inner Abundance Center.

You will find that running through the same Imaginary Experiences at this deeper level of consciousness is what will pull those outer world circumstances to you at a faster pace. The clearer you get, the faster they come

Now that you have progressed this far in the Abundance Visualization Training course your Unconscious Mind really knows what you want it to do so now all you have to do is to DO IT!

You will come up with many ideas of how you can use these techniques that you have learned.


  • Special Purpose Visits

This is another audio where you have a couple of minutes opportunity, whilst in your Inner Abundance Center, to set your mind to do tasks for you. In this audio you visit your Inner Abundance Center (but not your Personal Abundance Space)

One of the things that I did was to set up an Unconscious “Customer Service” team that handled all the basic customer service issues that most people get when they are in business. This cut my daily emails to customers down from around 2 hours a day to a couple of emails a day at most and often none.  I set it up once and it has been running ever since. I have two “Mental Brownies”or “Sub Personalities” that do this for me.

The myriad of possibilities are endless as to what you can do now that you know how to communicate with your Unconscious Mind in a way and at a level that makes it very easy to communicate your desires to the Universe.

  • Joy Happiness and Self Loving

Access The Powerful Emotions Of Self Loving, Joy and Happiness

Self Loving, Joy and Happiness are Powerful Emotions to experience in your life!

The whole of this training is designed for you to learn how to create vivid and real Imaginary Experiences for yourself.

By the time you have reached this section of the training you and Your Unconditionally Loving Unconscious Mind will be working harmoniously together to create the kinds of circumstances that you wish and desire to experience in your life.

Perhaps you will have already started to “Ask Your Unconscious Mind” to include the emotions of Happiness, Joy, Laughter and have been experiencing Self Loving in your Imaginary Experiences and in your life?.

Whether you already have or whether you have been waiting for just this moment, this training will guide you to work with your Loving Unconscious Mind to draw on the inner experiences that you already have of Laughing and Happiness and Joy and Self Loving and to make these emotions available to you in your life.

Remember all you have to do is to ASK your Loving Unconscious Mind for what you want to experience!

  • Laugh Your Way To The Bank

Yes! You Really Can Laugh Your Way To The Bank!

The whole of this training is designed for you to learn how to create vivid and real Imaginary Experiences for yourself.

By the time you have reached this section of the training you and Your Unconditionally Loving Unconscious Mind will be working harmoniously together to create the kinds of circumstances that you wish and desire to experience in your life.

Perhaps you will have already started to “Ask Your Unconscious Mind” to include the emotions of Happiness, Joy and Laughter in your Imaginary Experiences….

Now is the time to start “Laughing Your Way To The Bank”

To give you and your Unconscious Mind some creative ideas that you can use in this Imaginary Experience Training listen to the guided Wallet/Purse Tornado guided audio. Then do the Laugh your Way To The Bank Audio. Them do the guided Wallet/Purse Tornado audio again.

Notice what happens.

Now try this with the Universal Manifesting Audio

Play Play Play!

Create Create Create!

Remember all you have to do is to ASK your Loving Unconscious Mind for what you want to experience!

REMEMBER: You can always revert to any of the previous trainings at any time for a refresher. A daily practice of creating Imaginary Experiences is going to get you more of what you want from life, so keep doing it!

The Co-Creation Steps

  • Decide what you want to create
  • Write a detailed description and include all of what would make it perfect for you
  • Go to your Inner Abundance Center and IMAGINE. You have a couple of minutes to do this whilst you are in the deeper state of consciousness in Your Inner Abundance Center.

REMEMBER you can ask your Unconscious Mind to
“Give You What You Want”.

PLEASE NOTE: For the first time doing this “Work with the goal that you set in the preparation stage of this course” That is, the original goal that you set. (If you have not already achieved it  )

Getting a Quick Start


Please follow ALL of the steps as they are laid out below. (If you skip a step you may miss something important!)

  • Read The “What’s it all about” training overview ebook at least once.
  • Read The “Action steps Manual”
  • Listen to all of the Training audios at least once
  • Set a simple goal using the procedure laid out in the “Action Steps Manual”
  • Listen to the day one coaching audio
  • Play the day one guided audio (Best played before going to bed).
  • Relax and sleep

Why follow the steps?

The purpose of this preparation (reading and listening) is to give both your Conscious and Unconscious Minds new information and concepts to work with.

The purpose of setting a goal (writing) is to become consciously clear on what you would like to achieve and why you would like to achieve it and to give your Conscious and Unconscious Minds a clearly defined goal to aim for.

Important Note:

Your Higher Self ALWAYS knows What Is Best For you!

There is no better guidance available to you than that which comes directly from your Higher Self. Period!

Andy was guided to jump straight into a particular audio. This was clearly a message from his Higher Self  — so that he could experience that feeling of the pure love and joy connection–

So… even though I do say follow the instructions and do all the audios step by step, there may be occasions where it is right to jump into a particular audio. Trust your inner guidance and wisdom. 

I am extremely grateful to Andy for sharing his experience as it is a wonderful wonderful example of the pure love that all of our Higher selves and indeed the ONEness and Mother Earth have for us.

The day is coming that we will all have this feeling for one and other. Yeah!!!

Ask, Ask ,Ask and keep Asking for YOUR inner guidance from YOUR Higher Self and you will get it

REMEMBER:  Many of Your “Success Skills” are already imprinted in your Unconscious Mind, And NOW… You are learning to access them Easily!

Learning to co-create using your Wonderful Imagination, visualizing and creating mind pictures is like learning to ride a bicycle…

The first step is riding the bicycle, with training wheels, and the parent holding the saddle.Then the child learns to ride the bicycle with training wheels on it’s own.

Then after the child has gained confidence the training wheels are removed and the parent runs along side holding the saddle just in case…

After some practice…maybe a few hours or days…the training wheels are off and the parents have let go and the child is riding the bicycle freely on it’s own with the parents nearby for assurance.

Graduation is when the child simply jumps on it’s bicycle and goes wherever it desires, master of it’s own journey.

All the coaching that you will need is comprehensively covered in the:

  • The “Abundance Visualization Training Members Area”

  • The “Action Steps Manual”

  • The ” Daily Coaching Audio’s”

  • The “Training Audio’s”

  • The “Highly Relevant Bonuses”

  • And also in the additional training videos that you will find on the new Abundance Adventures website starting February 2014.

Your Highly Relevant Bonuses

The way I see it, is that a bonus should be very relevant to the training that you are purchasing and should enhance and add to your experience and mastery of the training.

With that thought in mind I have added the following highly relevant bonuses.

  • The Any Time and Many Times Abundance Booster

This is the audio that Andy mentioned in his testimonial.

Once you have started to work your way through the course you can use the Abundance Booster audio.  It’s a nice little refresher where you can hop right in and start flowing some money and experiences to you and through you.

I would suggest that you do this audio multiple times as part of your Unconscious Mind Training.

  • Interview From 2011 with Carl Harvey (Carl is now with Mind Valley Publishing )

This is the interview that you would have listened to earlier on this page. I suggest that you listen again as it has some excellent visualization and manifesting tips from both of our experiences.

The interview covers both this Abundance Visualization Training, which at that time was the earlier Version 2 and called Unique Idea Generator and also the Subliminal Image and Affirmation software that I created and personally use daily called Visualization Turbo.

  • Counting Cash

This is a method of generating money that I find consistently works for me:

One way/method that has worked for many many people to generate money (I’ve received loads of thank you emails and comments) is the simple free video that I put on YouTube a few years ago. I have put this in the Resources area for you to watch. This method can be used in deeper states of consciousness with the Universal Marketing/Manifesting audio.

Please note that I said this is “One Way” to create an Imaginary Experience of receiving cash. My suggestions is for you to do this to have this experience and also to work with your Unconscious Mind to come up with the way that is right for you.

You will most likely discover many ways as your Unconscious Mind is AMAZING, LOVES YOU UNCONDITIONALLY and wants you to succeed!

When you manifest cash using this method please leave a comment on the YouTube page and on the Counting Cash page.

  • The Law And The Promise Audio Book and ebook by Neville Goddard Narrated By Carl Bradbrook

Neville Goddard is one of the great metaphysical teachers of the 20th century and has a most profound impact on students, simply because what he teaches is easy to follow and works with the precision of a Swiss clock.

If you are already a fan of Neville Goddard then you will be very familiar with the idea that “Imagining Creates Reality”. If you are not familiar with Neville, then you are in for an absolute treat!

The Law and The Promise is one of his easiest to understand books and It gives a large selection of real-life examples of people who used the creative power of their imagination to create extraordinary success in their lives.