“Now” is Where you Have the Power
To Change Your Life!

carl-bradbrookThere is only one moment that you can ever “Take Action” and that is in the NOW.

This is where the power is. Right here and right now.

The eternal now is where you are going to find your breakthroughs and when you get this simple distinction, then that is the moment that your life begins to trance-end to new levels of Joy and Happiness.

The Abundance Visualization Training course is so very simple and most often in life it is the simple things that have the biggest effect.

Give the course a go… you are covered by my 100% no questions asked guarantee.

The truth is, once you go through the course and really integrate the learning’s and actions you’ll be amazed at the results you are getting and I very much doubt you’ll want to part with it.

On that note…

I’ll leave you to make your choice and if you have any questions please email me using the form in the menu at the top of the page.

Wishing you all the SUCCESS you can IMAGINE!

Carl 🙂

Carl Bradbrook

Carl Bradbrook

Abundance Visualization Training

P.S. Remember, this training contains –real actionable techniques and EASY TO USE processes– which will move you inwardly towards co-creating magnificent and fun manifestations in your life.

Abundance Visualization Training has worked for other people just like you, it’s 100% guaranteed so you can’t possibly lose money. Even a stuck in the mud “Realist” could make this work for them!


The Abundance Visualization Training Course Contains The Following Components:


There is a huge amount of information provided in the Training Members Area for you and here is a very brief overview.

NOTE: Please Also Visit the Abundance Visualization Full Training Overview Page. You will find a link in menu at the top of this page or you can click this link to open the Full Training Overview Page in a new window

  • The Unconscious and Conscious Mind Training Audios

abundance-visualization-training-audiosThe mind training audios and information contained within the course is designed to provide knowledge, information, learning’s and ideas for your Conscious and Unconscious Minds to work with.

Included are:

  • What you picture in your mind
  • How to create mind pictures
  • Tap Tap Tap
  • Mental Brownies
  • Invisible Council
  • How much money to go for
  • The power of relaxation
  • How your good may come


  • The Coaching Audios


Each day there is a coaching audio to play before the guided (closed eye session).

This provides additional knowledge, information, learning’s and ideas for your Conscious and Unconscious Minds to work with.  It’s a pep-talk before you go into action with the guided audios.

Included are:

  • About The Coaching Audios
  • Step 1 – Day 1 Coaching
  • Step 2 -Day 2 Coaching
  • Step 3 -Day 3 Coaching
  • Step 4 -Day 4 Coaching

Additional coaching is also given throughout the members area.

  • The Abundance Visualization Training Manuals and Guides


Included are:

  • What’s It All About?
  • Action Steps Manual
  • Invisible Council Study Guide
  • Goals Form and Goals Tracking Form


  • The Guided Audios


The following audios are the part of the course where you get to take action and work harmoniously with your Unconscious Mind and True Self/higher Self.

Included are:

  • Step 1 – Day 1 Universal Connection
  • Step 2 – Day 2 First Visit and Set-Up Inner Abundance Center
  • Step 3 – Day 3 Visit Inner Abundance Center (Variation)
  • Step 4 – Day 4 Visit-Inner Abundance-Center (Variation)
  • Special Purpose Visits
  • Universal Manifesting
  • Universal  Marketing
  • Joy, Happiness and Self Loving
  • Laugh Your Way To The Bank
  • Your Highly Relevant Bonuses

The bonuses are covered in more detail in the next section and include:

  • The Super Money Abundance Booster
  • The Law and The Promise Audio and Ebook
  • The Counting Cash Video
  • The Wallet/Purse Tornado Guided Audio

REMEMBER: Please Also Visit the Abundance Visualization Full Training Overview Page. You will find a link in menu at the top of this page or you can click this link to open the Full Training Overview Page in a new window


Your Highly Relevant Bonuses

A bonus should be very relevant to the training that you are purchasing and should enhance and add to your experience and mastery of the training.

With that thought in mind I have added the following highly relevant bonuses.

  • The Any Time and Many Times Abundance Booster

This is the audio that Andy mentioned in his testimonial.

Once you have started to work your way through the course you can use the Abundance Booster audio. It’s a nice little refresher where you can hop right in and start flowing some money and experiences to you and through you.

I would suggest that you do this audio multiple times as part of your Unconscious Mind Training.

  • Interview From 2011 with Carl Harvey (Carl is now with Mind Valley Publishing )

This is the interview that you would have listened to earlier on this page. I suggest that you listen again as it has some excellent visualization and manifesting tips from both of our experiences.

The interview covers both this Abundance Visualization Training, which at that time was the earlier Version 2 and called Unique Idea Generator and also the Subliminal Image and Affirmation software that I created and personally use daily called Visualization Turbo.

  • Counting Cash

This is a method of generating money that I find consistently works for me:

One way/method that has worked for many many people to generate money (I’ve received loads of thank you emails and comments) is the simple free video that I put on YouTube a few years ago. I have put this in the Resources area for you to watch. This method can be used in deeper states of consciousness with the Universal Marketing/Manifesting audio.

Please note that I said this is “One Way” to create an Imaginary Experience of receiving cash. My suggestions is for you to do this to have this experience and also to work with your Unconscious Mind to come up with the way that is right for you.

You will most likely discover many ways as your Unconscious Mind is AMAZING, LOVES YOU UNCONDITIONALLY and wants you to succeed!

When you manifest cash using this method please leave a comment on the YouTube page and on the Counting Cash page.

  • The Law And The Promise Audio Book and ebook by Neville Goddard Narrated By Carl Bradbrook

Law and The Promise

Neville Goddard is one of the great metaphysical teachers of the 20th century and has a most profound impact on students, simply because what he teaches is easy to follow and works with the precision of a Swiss clock.

If you are already a fan of Neville Goddard then you will be very familiar with the idea that “Imagining Creates Reality”. If you are not familiar with Neville, then you are in for an absolute treat!

The Law and The Promise is one of his easiest to understand books and It gives a large selection of real-life examples of people who used the creative power of their imagination to create extraordinary success in their lives.

Some of the topics of the testimonials are:

New Homes
Unsold Homes Selling
New Business
Perfect Partners
Cash Windfalls
Lavish Abundance
Abundant Travel
Spiritual Awakenings
Personal Transformations
Healings of Self and For Others

Study of Neville’s materials and the methods of imagining that people used is extremely good information for your Conscious and Unconscious Minds to work with