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Ego and Reality (Video 3) – Ego and Higher Self

By Carl Andrew Bradbrook

Clearing Your Path For Freedom and Abundance

By Carl Andrew Bradbrook

Note: This is an email I sent Oct 10 2017 Too few people do the “Essential Inner Clearing” work. I know I avoided it for years. It … Read more


Ego and Reality (Video 4) – Manifesting Ego Goals

By Carl Andrew Bradbrook

Ego & Higher Self (Video 5) – How the Ego and Higher Self Achieve Goals

By Carl Andrew Bradbrook

Ripe Delicious Bananas and a Lucid Dream.

By Carl Andrew Bradbrook

Greetings! I was sitting at a local food truck in Bali last night, having a Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) and was explaining to my friend “How Your … Read more


Ego & Higher Self (Video 6) – Goals That Require A Higher Level Of Consciousness

By Carl Andrew Bradbrook
Life Vision

How An Aligned Life Vision Gives Meaning and Right Direction.

By Carl Andrew Bradbrook

From where I observe the different people from different walks of life who are on the training I am always amazed to see the diversity in people’s … Read more

The-magic-story by Frederick Van Rensselaer Dey

What can the “Magic Story” do for you?

By Carl Andrew Bradbrook

The Magic Story by Frederick Van Rensselaer Dey was first published in 1900 in success Magazine and it is said that all who read it began to … Read more

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