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If you are not having FUN and thoroughly enjoying your life then clearly something is wrong and needs changing!


Coaching is all about helping you personally breakthrough whatever "Inner Obstacles" are standing in the way of you living your passionate and fulfilling "Dream Life"


Mentoring is where I work with you for a set period of time helping you to evolve to higher levels of consciousness. My mentoring is tailored to your specific needs and is without any set format. I advise and help you to transition and transform as you move to achieve objectives that you have set for our time working together. Mentoring is powerful and will take you as far as you are willing to go. Minimum time period is 3 months.

“I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to get coaching from Carl. I was going through some huge life changes from doing the Abundance Life Vision Training and became uncertain how to handle it. I contacted Carl for some help, and I am so glad that I did.

Carl was generous with his time, and he helped me immensely. Carl was able to guide me to the answers that I asked for, and gave me advice that I was able to immediately apply.

After our session, I was more centered and focused and had a clearer sense of awareness that I have ever had before. I am very grateful to Carl for his coaching and training courses.

John C.

Carl's coaching provided me with the support, focus and confidence when I was waiting for news on whether my promotion had been approved.

Carl’s coaching techniques of imagining and scripting provided me with the focusing tools to consider only the best outcome. His guided imagining technique of imagining the desired outcome and scripting desired scenarios proved very prophetic. I was very pleased when I received news of my promotion - just as I had imagined during the guided exercises with Carl.

Thank you, Carl - - L.B.

My coaching and training's offer specific knowledge and techniques in specific areas of life such as; Imagining and Visualization, Life Vision and Natural Learning and the obligatory Revision and Clearing.

They are very comprehensive and is the catalyst and the application of the training's that jumps them forwards to the next level and their success.

And there are those of us that find, from time to time, we require some "Hand's on Personal Attention" to help us have "Breakthroughs" relating specifically to "our very own life".

Each little breakthrough gets us moving again and all of the little breakthroughs we have add up to the experience of a "successful and personally meaningful life".


When you stop working on yourself and your evolution, you stop moving forwards and experience a cycling of same or similar "Daily Life" at the level you are at, whether or not it is pleasing or not to you.

The KEY to your consistent series of breakthroughs is to get unstuck from the past or future that is occupying your mind, creating you reality AND generating whatever emotions you are experiencing.

The key to your success is: Once you are "Clear" and in your natural NOW flow state of your Higher Self inspired action KEEP moving forwards in your NOW. Each time you encounter a block clear it, get back in your NOW and move forwards.

Please fill in the form below with as much detail as possible to help me get an idea of where you are at and how I can help. I will then email you to arrange a meeting on Skype where we can address your needs and discuss a solution.

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