Essential Energy Clearing and Abundance Consciousness Workshops


It's been an extremely busy few months since we finished the SIMS training. (Imagining and Manifesting - Clearing and Revision training)

And my relentless curiosity and desire to flood my life with ever more "Abundance, Ease and Grace" has once again taken me down a few very deep rabbit holes.

And yes, as always, I came back with the "Goodies".

This time I brought the whole "holy goose" back, the one that actually lays the golden eggs. (plus it's family)

Now, listen up...

...because what I'm sharing here is going to be VERY different and extremely powerful for you.

It is highly advanced in it's simplicity.

And it's 100% effective.

It applies to you if you are still experiencing ANY of the following (you're not alone by the way):

  • Tiredness / Feeling run down / Low energy
  • Unable to relax / Busy Mind / Restless sleep
  • Lack of Motivation / Procrastination
  • Doubt and Loss of Faith and Trust
  • Not able to concentrate for long
  • Persistent negative self talk and criticism or voices
  • Struggling with Imaginary experiences
  • Interference in your inner experiences
  • Disturbance in your sleep or bad dreams
  • Feeling off-center, irritable, grumpy.
  • Lack or even extreme lack of money
  • Recurring financial issues
  • Business floundering / Business related stress
  • Lack of synchronicity / Few opportunities
  • Desires and imaginings not manifesting
  • Stressed and trauma in relationships
  • Recurring undesirable situations.
  • Keep attracting the same or similar low energy people into your life
  • Unable to attract the right partner/right situations
  • Nothing seems to be going right
  • Intense periods of worry
  • Fear about your future
  • Irrational levels of fear
  • High levels of irrational stress
  • Worn out
  • Run down
  • Physical illness or dis-ease

If you have any of those challenges showing up in your life...

It's not your fault!

It's happening to a LOT of people.

AND it's easy to fix.

So let's look at why some or much of that is happening.

Then I'll show you how to clear it ALL!

PLUS get your goose laying your golden eggs for you. (LOTS of em!)

What I am about to share with you is "High Frequency" so buckle up and prepare to absorb all the goodness.

Let's first do a simple re-cap on Reality Creation, Revision and Clearing.

Our "Daily Life Reality Experience" is made up of our most highly energized programs, patterns, behaviors habits and beliefs.

Our mind consciousness (which for most is the "undesirable" past) is relentlessly being pulled energetically and magnetically into our "Present" for us to experience.

We might not like that. (if we're stuck in the past)

But that's the way it works.

AND the upside is HUGE (infinite) when you get it working right (projecting your desires)

Our mind is both the projector and the screen of our reality.

And it projects who we are NOW (not who we want to be) onto the screen of our life.

Daily Life is our "Sacred Mirror" of who we TRULY are.

It shows us, by our experiences, what we are consciously and unconsciously creating.

Our Daily Life tells OUR absolute TRUTH of  BEingness.

If we want a different and better daily life we need to change our mind (our consciousness).

Then our desired daily life will show up.


Child's play

Actually it's "Inner Child's" play (more about that in this email as it's MEGA KEY)

Change your life 101 (5 minute class)

The way we change our life is as follows.

First we've got to make a decision to change (a burn the bridges level of commitment)

Then we have to decide what we want (vision for our life – detailed is better)

Then we have to "Energise" our new life vision with our consciousness and energy (imagining and assumption)

Enthusiastic and positive we eagerly await our new life to manifest into our reality (fall into our lap).

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

Where's my good stuff?

Waiting, waiting, frustrated...

I thought they said imagining creates reality...

Waiting, waiting... bit angry now

Waiting, waiting... doubt creeping in

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

OK I've had enough of this stupid game.

Next Guru shows up with the next shiny object and off for a new hope fix.

That's the "Eternal Merry Go Round Method".

Now here's a better approach.

Awake, aware, enthusiastic and eager we observe our "Sacred Mirror Daily Life".

We become aware of an old pattern disturbing our Happy Vibe. (dang it!)

We do a revision and clearing of the old pattern.

Feeling much better we move powerfully forwards.

Next obstacle comes up and we revise and clear it.

And so on...

As we change our inner programming, our outer daily life experience shifts.

When we have reached a "tipping point" in our consciousness...

...lots of synchronicity starts happening (finally...thank God!)

and BINGO...

…our "New Daily Life Reality Hologram" descends upon us.

Happily installed in our new life program we move forwards and decide on the next level of changes we desire.

Now we are True Believers!


But what if that doesn't happen?

What if we have been doing our revision and clearing diligently but our new life experience has still not showed up?

What if nothing works and it's all a waste of time?

The simple and honest answer is this.

There must still be something in our consciousness that is blocking it.

But what?

We've imagined, visualized, prayed, assumed, brainwashed ourselves, revised, cleared, relaxed, meditated, chanted, invoked, blessed, danced, forgiven, been grateful, smiled, helped others and even begged god for mercy and a breakthrough....

For God's sake what else is there!

Well, God's reply is this...

There are some blocks that up to this point you didn't see and didn't know about.

"You Have the Power Now Clear The Blocks" (remember that?)


How do we know if the blocks are still there?

Here's a very quick check.

Take a brief glance at your life.

Is it my "Happy Dream Life" yet?


OK, God must be right... some blocks still there.


Now let's find out what those suckers are and obliterate them ASAP!

Step one on the road to the happy life is: 

Advanced and thorough clearing of ALL blocks, followed by activation of the dormant parts of your energetic anatomy and system.

Let's start with the list of what we are going to clear:

  1. Clear your aura including Auric attachments, occupants, thought forms, additional souls, discarnates, wormholes, portals and  discordant energetic residues
  2. Clear all contracts, agreements, vows, spells, curses , bindings, cords , hooks and compassionate connections and inherited karmic imprints.
  3. Clear all unnatural seals, unnatural energetic implants, negative spirit guides. Clear and repair Golden Web tears.
  4. Activate and balance your 7 embodied chakras and 8 morphogenetic chakras, clear distortions in your God Spark and re-align it to source. (read on below for specific points related to clearing your Heart Chakra)
  5. Clear all ID's Archetypes and Personas that are not for your highest good and aligned to your true life path.
  6. Activate your Pineal, Pituitary, hypothalamus and medulla oblongata. Activate your energetic dna template to it's highest energetic holding pattern. Clear your 12 axiotonial line energetic system
  7. After the clearing is complete your Higher Self will download new soul programming to assist you in ascending to new higher levels of consciousness.

Downloads from my Higher Self is something I've been doing for quite a long time and you'll be amazed how you automatically find yourself taking intuitive action after downloads (providing you are clear)

This is very much a "done for you" clearing process where I will be working with you and your Higher Self to clear all of the issues.

Here's another check that you can do:

Have you experienced/ are experiencing any physical issues in the following areas of your body?

Top of the skull left side
Heart, left lung or left knee
Pineal gland (Controls your psychic abilities and ability for inner vision)
Left side of neck and lymphatics (shoulder or neck problems on left side)
Top back of left thigh and left buttock
Alta Major energy center (where the skull rests on top of spine)
Top of left shoulder
Aorta artery neck left side

Personally I had physical issues manifesting as problems in my throat area, left shoulder, the Alta Major, the top of left thigh and buttock and in my pituitary and hypothalamus.

Most of the issues were easy to identify for me and I immediately related to them.

And the one which really convinced me was the obscure issues with pineal, hypothalamus and pituitary.


Because during this year I'd been having a pain from time to time in the bottom of my right toe.

Weird eh?

I did some research and looked it up in Chinese Reflexology about 6 months ago and found it was related to the pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus. It wasn't consistent so I didn't concern myself with it.

Now ALL of those issue have gone since I have been working with these clearing processes.

And here is what you can expect to experience when you do the clearings:

Things will start getting easier for you immediately the blocks have been cleared.

You will immediately have clearer access to your Higher Self which is KEY to you living your happy joyful abundant life on earth.

(In this training I will show you some quick and easy ways you can master to communicate with your Higher Self – your job is to practice them)

If you have done the SIMS training and experienced the emotional freedom by clearing the trapped emotions and blocked emotions that were tied to your programming you will have had a glimpse of what it feels like to be free of old debilitating energetic baggage.

Clearing the trapped emotions known as the "Heart Wall " and "Hidden Heart Wall" is KEY as that allows your Heart Chakra to open up and you to access the 4th Dimension of your BEingness.

We have a 15 dimensional energetic body and your Higher Self and energies are present in the 4th through to the 15th Dimensions.

When your "Heart is Open" your communication with your Higher Self is open and will be clear. Thus  you will be able to download and receive inner guidance and help for your highest life path.

(If you didn't know, your Higher Self is you - the higher levels of your own consciousness in the higher dimensions of your being) 

The reason most people feel lost, purposeless and not sure what to do in their lives is because they are living from only the first three "Survival" dimensions of their being and unable to get that "Purpose and Prosperity" generating inner guidance.

Here are some of the differences you'll notice when you have done these clearings:

  • Your mind quietens noticeably and your quality of thinking starts improving.
  • Your clarity of mind improves and you will be more awake
  • You will be more aware of your life experience.
  • You will feel more powerful and back in control of your life direction.
  • You start feeling more positive and enthusiastic about your wonderful life
  • You will begin to unlock new levels of success that are already in you.
  • You will have a less chaotic experience of your life
  • You will begin to make better choices and decisions.
  • You will notice your self image improving and you will stop giving yourself a hard time
  • Your energy levels increase as your channel to receive energy from source is open and clear
  • Your energy levels increase as you have cut all attachments and cleared all attachments to other people and beings.
  • Your energy levels increase because your energy and source energy is now flowing properly in and through you.
  • More peaceful sleep
  • More peace in your mind
  • Zero interference
  • If you had a lot of self criticism kind of voices in your head they will stop.
  • The inner critic will stop
  • Zero irrational doubt fear and stress
  • Regain Faith and trust
  • Easier to relax
  • Easier to imagine
  • More centered
  • Feeling of peace
  • Feeling of personal power and ability to direct your life returns
  • Feel better in your body
  • More positive about your body and well being as the energetic blocks to healing have been removed.
  • Old undesirable dysfunctional low energy relationships and people drift away
  • Old unsupportive dysfunctional situations drift away
  • You will attract new people, new relationships and new situations.
  • You will have access to higher levels of wisdom and consciousness through your Higher Self.

If you previously had issues or still have issues with doing the muscle testing sway test you will notice that the issues disappear as the interference and conflicts stopping you have gone.

You will notice that your communication with your Unconscious Mind is more clear.

Your Higher Self is the KEY to your success and having completed the clearing module you will have full access to your inner mentor which IS invaluable to you for your Imaginings and manifesting.

This training compliments the work you have been doing with SIMS in revising your past and clearing trapped emotions from your emotional body.

Often times the emotional body is referred to as the pain body and when you clear your trapped emotions and the emotions that are blocked and linked to past memories and programming you clear the emotional pain body permanently .

Advanced Essential Block Clearing Workshop Format

There will be two guided clearing sessions where I will take you though the clearing processes

This is very much a "done for you" clearing process where I will be working with you and your Higher Self to clear all of the issues.

Each of the sessions will have a "Knowledge" section first so that you understand what we are doing followed by the actual clearing session.

You will have videos of the session so that you can revisit the clearing sessions as often as you like. (I'll advise you in the workshop)

This will clear you on your energetic levels of your being including all bodies and chakras and your Aura. We will also clear blockages on your energetic DNA template and strands and your energetic system.

Step Two is Advanced Manifesting Abundance and Prosperity.

With your new clarity of mind, peace and higher energy levels you'll probably be wanting to channel all of your goodness into some creating and manifesting...

This is a single workshop and will have a knowledge section followed by a guided experience.

You need to have done the Advanced Essential Blocks Clearing Workshops to participate in this workshop.

In this training we will cover using the language of the Higher Self and symbols to use in conjunction with your imagining practice.

We will do one a manifestation process for one of your desires together during the session.

This is a VERY powerful and advanced method for manifesting desires.

(It is not a substitute for breathing your imaginary experience into all of your bodies and levels of being as we do with the white light, but a powerful addition to it.)

This is the process to use for seeding your manifestation into all levels and dimensions of your being.

We will also be doing an Abundance Training and exercises with energy to activate your Abundance Consciousness.

Having done the Ultimate Advanced Clearing sessions you will find this particularly powerful as you will now have access to and work with the unlimited energy of source and your Higher Self.

Be prepared to have your world shift decisively into your desired "Vision for your Life" as you work with these powerful methods.

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The "Truth" always resonates clearly as it has a High Frequency to it.

If what I have shared in this email resonates with you then take action today and book your place on the workshops.

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Blessings of Clear Freedom and Abundance!
Carl 🙂