Higher Self Accelerator Training

by Carl Andrew Bradbrook

Carl Andrew BradbrookWelcome!

I am going to be bold and assume that you are here to find out more about the Higher Self Help Accelerator Training package.

My simple and clear goal is that, no matter where you are at on your journey, this set of trainings guides you to:

  1. Align with your Higher Self and develop your parameters and intentions for your relationship with your Higher Self. 
  2. Dive deeper into the Game of Life from a metaphysical and energy perspective 
  3. Develop your Higher Self aligned life Vision 
  4. Energise your Life Vision and collective goals and aspirations for yourself and your life 
  5. Clear all of the blocks, dysfunctional memories, patterns, behaviors and the emotional glue that holds them in your Unconscious Mind so that you can evolve faster and really take control of your life once and for all time.


These trainings are the foundational essence of how I work with all my private coaching clients.

These are the exact same foundational principles that guide my evolutionary journey



The training comprises 4 sections.

First is an introduction section comprising a general overview and two scene setting talks

The first of the talks is a deep look into how your “Higher Self and Ego” are responsible for steering the direction and governing the quality of your life experience.

In the second talk I share with you a “Model of the World” which will help you to understand where you are at on your own journey and the direction that you can take to rapidly enhance and improve the quality and enjoyment of your life.

I guarantee that by the time you have completed these two talks you will have a far deeper understanding and feeling of how life works than most people on the planet.

Then there are Three Powerful Modules where I guide you through your “Inner Change Work”.

There is No One To Change But Self

This training is all about “Changing Yourself” because when you change yourself your whole world and experience of your world changes.

However most people struggle endlessly trying to change their world without ever changing themselves and that simply doesn't work.

Do any of these sound familiar...

  • Are you experiencing a seemingly endless series of the same but slightly different days that you can't seem to escape from? (like Bill Murray in that movie Groundhog Day)
  • Are you stuck on your spiritual journey and cant seem to move forwards like you used to? (no matter what you do things don't shift the way you want them to)
  • Are you trapped in your rat-race job or career that doesn't FEEL like it is you? (are you in so deep you doubt you'll ever escape)
  • Have you slipped into uncomfortable or even hopeless levels of debt and are feeling trapped by it? (you don't know if or how you'll ever become free again)
  • Do you feel that you have something to do in life but not sure what it is?
  • Do you know what you want to do but silently fear you'll never be able to do it?
  • Do you feel powerless to change things in your life even though you think you really tried hard?
  • Do you have doubts about being able to control and create your reality?
  • Do you have doubts you can ever get to where you want your life to be?
  • Have you given up on trying to change yourself after years and even decades of endless struggle?

If any of those or a similar issue sound like your experience of life then I have some Great News For You.

A simple shift in the direction of your focus will solve ALL your problems in life

The KEY shift is from without (worldly focus) to within (And usually it is the most difficult for people to make)

The TRUTH is that the only way to create a truly satisfying life is to switch your focus and attention within and onto to your Higher Self which is your God Self

That ONE SINGLE CHANGE will make all the difference in the world to you. (it is the change that the majority of the planet have consistently ignored)

Your Higher Self is literally your keys to the kingdom of Heaven On Earth (so you can manifest heaven on earth right here right now)

"Seek First YOUR Kingdom Within and ALL things Will Be added unto You."

What we will do together

There are three change-work modules

  • Module One - Higher Self Inner Alignment and Holy Trinity Magical Metaphor Journey
  • Module Two – Discover and Activate Your Unique Gifts and Talents Magical Metaphor Journey
  • Module Three – Discover and Activate Your 12 Disciples (12 Disciplines of Mind) Magical Metaphor Journey

In each module we start with a talk and then we set a powerfully defined set of intentions for your quality of experience of your desire that you wish to manifest into your life.

  • In Module 1 your intentions define your relationship with your Higher Self and what qualities, Higher Faculties and Superpowers you want to experience as a result of your relationships
  • In Module 2 your intentions define your discovery, your access to and use of your Unique Divine Gifts and Talents that you were born with (but up till now may not have discovered)
  • In Module 3 your intentions define your access to and your ability to use your 12 Disciplines of Mind and integrate them into your life.

Having defined clearly what we wish to experience we than do a Very Powerful Manifestation Process to anchor those intentions into our being and to manifest them into our reality experience.

The third process in each of the modules is our Magical Metaphorical Inner Journey within our deep Unconscious Mind which is where ALL change and ALL new experiences are created.

The fist session takes around 2.5 to 3 hours as we cover a lot of new knowledge and I guide you through new processes for the first time.

The remaining two modules take around 1 to 1.5 hours.

These simple and life changing sessions profoundly change your consciousness and raise your frequency which immediately begins to influence and change the nature and quality of your life experience.

Why Should you Do This Work?

Your Higher Self has been around for quite some time. Tens of thousands and for some hundreds of thousands and even millions of lives waiting for you to LISTEN UP to it's gentle loving clear voice so that you can finally experience your Joyful Heaven on Earth.

When you DO your inner work THIS LIFETIME...

...you get to experience ALL your good THIS LIFETIME!

Mastering yourself (your inner you) should be your NUMBER ONE priority in your life at ALL times...

....because it is ONLY through mastering your INNER self that your blindfold will be removed and you will experience the true joy and wonder of already BEing that which you desire to be.

The way forward in ALL situations is "Seek First The Kingdom"

AND your doorway to your kingdom is your Higher Self..

Here are a few of the many benefits of aligning to your Higher Self:

  • More awake, aware and conscious
  • More peace and calm (less worry and stress)
  • More flow and synchronicity
  • Heightened intuition (even 100% accurate)
  • Knowing of what is “Truly Right” for you (realization of what is truly important to you)
  • True, deep and real sense of relief – all battles are over – war is over
  • Take back the years the locusts have eaten
  • Unique Inner guidance that's just right for you.
  • Easier to change Self
  • Easier to get unstuck
  • Discover your Highest Life Path
  • Guidance to right knowledge for you
  • Make better choices and decisions
  • Naturally start to look after self more easily (less struggle with weight, health and fitness issues – the issues of the Ego)
  • Less tired (access your higher energy)
  • Easily Love and Care for Yourself
  • Faster and easier manifestations
  • More effective and more success in life and chosen occupations
  • Attract the right places and situations
  • Attracting higher frequency people (developing better relationships)
  • Attracting right romantic and love partner
  • Develop control over time
  • Access and activate Higher Faculties and Superpowers
  • Access your unique gifts and talents
  • Access your Natural Healing abilities
  • Naturally develop Trust and Faith in your Self, God and Life
  • Discover your needs are always met (relax and focus on what's important without worry)
  • Divine Abundance
  • Divine well-being and health-fullness
  • Divine inspiration
  • Divine right timing
  • Divine right action
  • Increased personal power.

How can you get started with your Higher Self Evolution Training?

Carl Andrew BradbrookO rder your Higher Self Evolution Training right now.

You will immediately be added as a "Training Participant” and your "Log IN" credentials will be rushed to you by email, so that you can Begin Your Higher Self Evolution Training Now...Today!

…which means that you get access to ALL three modules of the Higher Self Evolution Training with myself as your guide.

You’ll have immediate access to the Higher Self Evolution “Members Area”, which is where you will go to download your training materials and ask your questions.

You immediately receive access to these training materials

Foundation Work (Knowledge)

  • Welcome Audio MP3
  • Introduction to Higher Self and Ego VIDEO TRAINING
  • Model of The World VIDEO TRAINING

Module One

  • Higher Self Inner Alignment and Holy Trinity Magical Metaphor Journey VIDEO TRAINING
  • Holy Trinity Magical Metaphor Journey AUDIO MP3 (Longer Version)
  • Holy Trinity Magical Metaphor Journey AUDIO MP3 (Shorter Version)

Module Two

  • Discover and Activate Your Unique Gifts and Talents VIDEO TRAINING
  • Gifts and Talents Magical Metaphor Journey AUDIO MP3 (Longer Version)
  • Gifts and Talents Magical Metaphor Journey AUDIO MP3 (Shorter Version)

Module Three

  • Discover and Activate Your 12 Disciples (Disciplines of mind) VIDEO TRAINING
  • 12 Disciples Magical Metaphor Journey AUDIO MP3 (Longer Version)
  • 12 Disciples Magical Metaphor Journey AUDIO MP3 (Shorter Version)


On each module page of the members area there is a private comments section which is only visible and accessible to members of this training

When you have a question come up for you can ask it and get my answer in that section. I am there for you whilst you are going through the entire training

You’ll have unlimited access to the entire training… forever.

24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year.

From anywhere in the world (as long as you’ve got a device that can get online.)

You’ll have unlimited access to the entire Higher Self Evolution Training PLUS all the updates, now and evermore .

The Higher Self Evolution Training will work for you, … if you’ll just give it the slightest chance. And if it doesn’t… you get your refund, promptly and without hassle.

This means you really risk nothing and have everything to gain.

Your self-liberating FREEDOM training fee is a single one time payment of just US$147. Click the button below to begin your Journey today!

Your Satisfaction Guarantee

You are 100% covered by my very generous guarantee…

Your Higher Self  Evolution Training comes with a 30-day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.

What this means is that you are covered to attend a FULL 30 days of the training, so that you can fully put the teachings and the practices to work in your life.

I do ask just one small favor… that you really test-drive the course by going through the training before asking for a refund. (This isn’t something you must do. Just a favor I ask.)

I want you to really change your life for the better this time and you can’t do that without jumping in.

To get a refund, all you’ll need to do is email me any time during the first 30 days of the training and confirm that you have deleted all of the training materials that you downloaded.

Once I receive your email, you’ll get a prompt, full refund. Of course your access to the members area will be cancelled.

This powerful training will really will give you the tools and skills to create and manifest INNER ALIGNMENT effectively in your life.

The only way to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is to click the order button on this page and join the Higher Self Evolution Training.

Your self-liberating FREEDOM training fee is a single one time payment of just US$147 Click the button below and join today!


And today I want to leave you with this thought...

If I was God and I could gift you ONE thing...

One thing that makes ALL the difference in the world

One thing that would ensure you feel and experience True Love

One thing that would ensure your Health-fullness

One thing that would ensure your Joy and Happiness

One thing that would ensure your Success in all that you do.

One thing that would ensure you experience True Abundance

What do you think that ONE thing is?

Of course it would be myself.

If I were God I would Gift you "Myself"

All of me

And my light would grow ever stronger and more powerful within you.

You would truly FEEL my Love for you.

You would truly feel and BE whole again

You would be able to HEAR my words and guidance in all your affairs

You would KNOW in your heart that your trials and problems had achieved their purpose, bringing you home to me, and can now simply fade away.

That would be my gift to you.

AND know this truth...

Your Good Life Awaits you

If you are ready to order your Higher Self Evolution Training then click the link below and secure your place on this life changing training...

Carl Andrew BradbrookThank you for investing your time to find out more about my Higher Self Evolution Training.

AND if you have already decided to join my training congratulations and "Thank You" for trusting me and choosing me to be your guide.

I look forward to working with you!

Blessings and joy!

IAM Carl 🙂

P.S. If you have question that I haven't covered and you would like it answered then you are welcome to email me using the contact form here (Opens in new tab/window)

Let me know how I can help you.

Also listen to the free David and Goliath Introduction MP3. It has a lot of very good information and 3 living examples of how Magical Metaphor Journeys can powerfully shift your stuck situation in life.


If you are on the fence about ordering I highly suggest that you jump right in and order today. You have a full 30 days risk free to go through the entire training and experience the benefits.

P.P.S. If you prefer to have my Personal Private Coaching to guide you through these processes or you have some other issues in your life that you would like to address then please use this contact form here.