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Game of Life (Brief Overview)

The Game Of Life Training is over 9 1/2 hours of unique and transformational training to help you set your strong foundations for mastering yourself and your life.

Throughout the training you will be practicing connecting deeply with your Higher Self.

There are 8 Focus Areas:

  • Introduction: Discover How Quickly You Can Master The Game Of Life
  • Start Here: NOW, Begin Your Game with a Revision Of Your Life
  • Game Of Life Introduction: First Steps In Mastering Your "Game Of Life"
  • In the Beginning: Setting The Scene For This Wonderful Game Called "Life"
  • A Child Is Born: Each Child Is Born Blessed With Perfect Gifts and Talents
  • Programming 101: Learn To Avoid The Programming Traps Of Life
  • Energy Unleashed: How Energy Works and How To Avoid Wasting Your Energy On Things That Don't Matter
  • Personal Power and Freedom: Discover The Proven Steps To Activate Your Personal Power

You'll go through the 8 focus areas in 3 stages

Stage One: Game of Life Introduction Audios

These 12 audios are designed to help you shift the way in which you perceive your world.

(Allow 3 1/2 hours to complete this stage)


Stage Two: "Start Here" and "Review of Your Life" Process.

Here you'll experience the "Two  Perspectives" from which you can view your world and you'll discover how a simple shift in perspective can radically change your results in life

(Allow 40 mins to 2 hours to complete this stage - depending on how deep you go)

Stage Three: Game Of Life "In More Detail"

In this section you'll discover the answers to many of the simple metaphysical mysteries of life that "baffle" most people.

(Allow 6 Hours to complete this stage)


Also included are the "Higher Self Connection" mp3 and the "Mother Earth Meditation" mp3.

When you begin your "Game Of Life" training plan to go through the information over 5-10 days. Be "consistent" as you follow the course from start to finish and you will find that each section builds upon the previous ones.

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