Welcome to your Higher Self and New Earth Connection "Easter Gift"

Welcome and Congratulations on joining the Higher Self Cornerstone Workshops!

This is a very practical training and concise training with the intention that you understand the power of aligning to and connecting to your Higher Self and living life from that perspective.

The first video is an introduction and I cover everything that you need to do to get the most out of this mini workshop

The way that I have structured these two workshops is that we have an "Immersion" style experience so that we are focusing with our Conscious Minds and programming our Unconscious Mind with materials both consciously and unconsciously at deep levels which then presents in our world as changes to our thinking, behaviors and our actions.


A very simple and powerful deep dive into how the "Higher Self and Ego" can (and do) operate in your life

This video covers how most people unknowingly fall into the "Ego Trap" and how it affects their daily life...

....and how aligning to your Higher Self not only sets you free again, but empowers you for the rest of your life.

Working With Metaphors, Archetypes and Symbols

In this video we dive into the "World of the Mystic" and learn what "Metaphors, Archetypes and Symbols" are and how we can use them effectively in our lives.

Now it's your turn to experience your Higher Self Inner Journey

You can either play the audio here or download it and play it on any computer, phone, tablet or mp3 player.

The Inner Journey goes for 41.34s minutes and you'll want to allow 5 to 10 minutes afterwards to come back fully into waking consciousness (We go deep within on this journey)

Higher Self Alignment and New Earth Connection Inner Journey
00:00:00 00:00:00
00:00:00 00:00:00

And to download it RIGHT CLICK and SAVE the link below:

Download >> 'Higher-Self-New-Earth-Inner-Journey-v-1.0.mp3'

When you have finished please watch the short closing video.

A few closing thoughts

The inner journey was deep. What next?

Your Other Gift Downloads

RIGHT CLICK and SAVE the links below:

Your Higher Self Connection audio

Download >> 'Higher-Self-Connection.mp3'

Your New Earth Connection Printable Picture

PDF format

Download >> 'new-earth-connection.pdf'

JPEG format

Download >> 'new-earth-connection.jpg'

Moving forwards

If you would like to keep moving forwards with your Higher Self experience you can do one of the following:

Get the Higher Self Evolution Training with your Easter Special Discount

Here is a link to the Higher Self Evolution training

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LINK:  https://www.carlbradbrook.com/higher-self-help-align-activate/

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Get the Higher Self Accelerator Training

This is 3 of my trainings in one package AND you also get a 1 Hour private coaching session where we will dive deep into where you are at currently and how you can move into the "Life of Your Dreams".

US$ 497 ($47 discount on trainings PLUS 100% discount on your coaching session)

You Get:

  • Higher Self Evolution
  • Abundance Life Vision
  • Simple Imagine Manifest System
  • PLUS a One hour Private Coaching Session

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