What can the “Magic Story” do for you?

The Magic Story by Frederick Van Rensselaer Dey was first published in 1900 in success Magazine and it is said that all who read it began to have good fortune almost immediately.

This is an amazing story!

If you are experiencing any kind of resistance in your life or not sure what to do next, then listen to the Magic Story.

It is a wonderfully inspirational story shared countless times over the last century and is essentially about the Ego and the Higher Self.

I would be extremely surprised if this little gem of wisdom doesn't get you going and put a beaming smile on your beautiful face.

It was my first audio book I recorded way back in around 2005 and has inspired me many, many times over the years


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The Magic Story Audiobook
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and here is a quick summary

The Magic Story Summary
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9 thoughts on “What can the “Magic Story” do for you?”

    • HI Torry Thanks for the feedback and congrats for listening! The story is so relevant because it’s the same story of life. Ego and Higher Self. Living from the perspective of the Higher self is “The Magical Journey” that the Ego alone can never attain. Blessings!

  1. Thank you for sharing… It’s always great to hear your voice, and the story itself is awesome. Who is the author, curious?

    • HI Marie, It’s Frederick Van Rensller Dey. One of the New Thought Movement guys from way back. Blessings and thanks for the comment!

  2. Thank you for sharing this story about the Ego and the higher Self. We all need to live our lives in the higher Self, and stop listening to the negative Ego within. I am sure of changes for the better as a result. Cheers!

    • Hi Fred
      Ive listened to this story myself countless times and each time is as powerful as the first!
      Carl 🙂

  3. Thank Carl
    I feel hopeful and I’m will to embrace the new me looking hearing and thinking from within outward. I’m ready and will to reconnect with my higher self I’M. I have in piece by piece discovered that I’m a Spiritual Being living in a human body. I will send you an email with a summary biography. With a proper guide I can write a book. My piece of puzzles have lead me to Caroline Myss the book Letting Go the book Action Miracles In Course Nivelle etc and you Carl
    Thank you in Advance for your Willingness to guide me to Relinquish my humans ways and Embrace Jesus Christ Almighty Lord God Will to connect with the Universe my Higherself I’M


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