This is the final part of the webinar.

When you've watched the video read below (and be sure to read the comments section)

If you followed through the Abundance Life Vision "Game Of Life" training and also the "Imagining Formula" webinar you will have a pretty good idea of:

  1. Where you are on track in your life (incl. your imagining and manifesting)
  2. What mistakes you are currently making and
  3. What you can do to change that.

All up there's over 15 hours of powerful information. (It's some of what I publicly share).

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14 thoughts on “Imagining Formula Parts Four And Part Five”

  1. How do things like Angels and Spirit Guides figure in to our “team”? Do you think they are real and have anything to do with playing the game of life?

    • Angels and Spirits are very real and I have a friend who
      can see all manner of beings and communicate with them.
      Last New Years eve at midnight we were sitting and she
      informed us there were angels in the room and we could
      pass a prayer request on to them. I like to think of
      all other beings as my brothers and sisters on our
      wonderful journey of consciousness. So you can probably tell
      I’m a believer πŸ™‚ My friend informed me I do have a couple
      of ancestors that do protection for me.

      Ok, so how do they figure on our team, well as such they
      dont. They have their own consciousness and light bodies
      etc. When I refer to our “Team” its the components that
      we are comprised of that we use for our life experience.
      When we receive help and guidance it’s to assist us on
      our journey. (and also sometimes people on a
      spiritual path can be interfered with. That all goes
      away when a person realises their true nature and cleans up
      any low energy vibrations they are sending out. )

      Hope that helps Beth.
      (I didnt forget your astrology question – its
      on my list – just been so super busy getting this
      webinar together. Been multi multi multi tasking πŸ™‚
      On the astrological note – just quickly – they are
      defaults. I.E. a basic scenario that governs certain
      aspects of people (12 basic types personalities or settings)
      When you are on your spiritual path you can evolve beyond the
      defaults. Also your Higher Self wouldnt have chosen your
      basic astrology by mistake. The default patterns there most
      likely to give you lessons. Hope that helps – Just a few thoughts

      Carl πŸ™‚

  2. carl, good for you…you’ve found your passion & your fullfilling or on your way to fullfilling your purpose.

    i think the best way to really prove once & for all that there is a consistent effective formula with this stuff….is to get 5 regular people, teach them to successfully
    use these techniques & film them for 30 days.

    each successfully manifesting the 5 most common things people wish to have into their physical reality that ovisiously
    were not there before & there was no logical, regular society taught way to go about it.

    then we all can actually witness this….really believe it for ourselves, with our own eyes….this would be very powerful and really solidify
    the true power of belief from every angle.

    If i were you, this would be my next project….then you willl greatly increase the success rate for yourself & your students.

    then you can add this as a product to what you already have……

    show & sell your student s the experimental live filmed cases, then your other services on top of that …
    now you ve seperated yourself from the competition….now you have proof……

    actuall eye witnessing is 100% believing….students will then not have to deal with all this other resistence of false hope because their somehow not doing it right or maybe their blocked or maybe their not worthy or…..blah, blah, blah,

    now they are already believers….We all can see…they did it …i saw them do it…. i saw how they did it. i desire to do it. i will do it,,,,,lets get on with my specific desires…YES !!!

    theres only one way to successfully learn something, to perfect it…& that is studying with a master who is presently successfully practicing what he is teaching.
    or to be around others who have perfected a craft and watch them do it!

    whatever the craft is….this is the fastest most effective way to succeed at anything.

    theres a 1000 “masters” selling the same LOA stuff

    no one has actuall live proof, live real time stuff….do they? just old stories…i have a few…
    but what about now…right here right now…turn something into something from nothing….

    alot of people are seeking this formula….alot of people are in need of this freedom…the world is changing…
    this is extremely valuable if you can teach it effectively ?

    no one is actually doing it themselves in ordinary life then coming back & showing how they did it
    then going out again & repeating it over & over & doing it again then showing the students…no one !!!

    a master can do it himself….then show…then do it again….then show

    otherwise…..we have didly squat

    i am practicing like you are …i know i am succeeding….however, it would be extremely benefitial to me right now to watch someone else do it & ask questions….it would excelerate my own success…then i could teach someone else sooner…thats my intention….too

    actions do speak louder than words….its the real deal…you don t have to sell it.. one REAL life… it sells itself !!!

    • Hi Frank,

      Thanks for your taking the time to share your ideas. Appreciated!

      A few thoughts… (hope they help!)

      I read your comment yesterday and asked my Higher Self for guidance in answering πŸ™‚

      Higher Self, Soul, Spirit , True you… doesn’t need proof. It knows.

      Higher Self doesn’t need to prove anything to others. It Knows.

      The Ego on the other hand thinks it needs to see proof. (but in most people it still wouldn’t take action)

      The Ego needs to prove something to other Ego’s. Prove it is real. (Back to the same Ego story again)

      The Higher Self is eternal and will wait and “in-spire” (in-tuit) when the Ego is exhausted with it’s ways.

      It’s only when a person in Ego surrenders that there is a space and the person is open to the true inner guidance.

      In regards to your own situation the best person to observe is yourself. The lessons are far more wonderful and are designed specifically for you. That’s the beauty of the journey. (You could read Journey To Ixtlan – Carlos Casteneda)

      You mentioned: …actions do speak louder than words….its the real deal…you don t have to sell it.. one REAL life… it sells itself !!!

      The “.. one REAL life…” you refer to IS your life :-). I think your inner guidance (Higher Self) is wanting to show you that your life is the one to watch.

      So, it’s each persons individual life for that person. All we need to do to start is to ask and listen

      In regards to teaching. It’s not really possible to teach anyone. Best way is to offer some ideas and some stories and some processes and then a person can observe and when the person is open and “inspired” they will begin to try them for themselves.

      Neville (love his work) did it that way for around 40 years and when he suggested people “prove the law” he suggested they prove it to themselves. It’s the only way anyone can be convinced. Once you’ve experienced it. You will know. (Like the Higher Self) Then you can share. All the old traditions had story tellers.

      Frank I’m very grateful for your comment here. I think you are on track and your big breakthroughs are going to come from deepening your connection with your Higher Self (Higher levels of consciousness). Seems to me like it’s waiting to show you the proof you are looking for. Learn to notice the “seemingly small wonders of life”… the one’s the Ego misses. Big lessons are often in small packages.

      Blessings bro!

      Carl πŸ™‚

      (I’ll revisit your comment/my answer in a couple of days to see if there is anything I can add or subtract to help clarify)

  3. p.s. i loved your detailed stories . very authentic & from the heart. very helpful.
    i immediately felt your relief & remembered that feeling of gratitude which then turns into the greatest
    peace of mind & contentment greater than i have ever known before….thus the “flow”, the grace of god seems to begin
    & your colorful drawings are simple & clear.
    nice work Carl on everything you ve presented.

    • HI Frank,

      Thanks for the follow up comment, appreciated!

      Thanks for the feedback on the stories πŸ™‚

      I love doing the drawings!!! I used to draw a lot when I was a kid.

      Remember the part in my story where the computer was stolen… first
      thing i did was to start drawing and that was the start of the drawings
      that you see in the videos.

      Blessings bro!

      Carl πŸ™‚

  4. Carl,
    I am enjoying your series parts 1&2 whole heartedly. I am so glad that I am student of Neville via your library, it makes following your brilliance (really, bravo) easy… The drawings are such a great tool and I LOVE THEM! Are they included in the program being offered? I am going to purchase regardless, but if not I want to “print screen” so I can refer to them when I am knotting up in my head…

    Stay Awake,

    • Hi Debra,

      Thanks for your comment and feedback. Appreciated!

      And a BIG welcome to the training! I saw you joined last night. Jump straight in and when you are ready say hi with the answers to the “start here” section email me and say hi πŸ™‚

      Ah.. the drawings πŸ™‚ Love doing them. Spend hours on them.
      Lost more coming I think πŸ™‚

      I’ve really been umm-ing and ah-ing on how to share them.
      There’s over 100 at the moment and I’m thinking to create
      one or two colour books and offer them through amazon via
      print on demand. That way people can have a kinda coffee
      table type book… It’s the way I’d like it.
      What do you think?

      Thanks and Blessings Debra!

      P.S. Email me your postal address. I’m going to send you something totally cool that inspired me in the 90’s πŸ™‚

      SIDE NOTE: For anyone reading the Neville Library Debra refers to in her comment is here: In Joy!

  5. I just wanted to say thank you for your video content. It was very helpful in reminding me of some key principles and concepts that i had forgotten about or lost connection with.. which of course could’ve been prevented with greater review!
    You have done a great job in presenting an authentic path forward toward self discovery and freedom.. well done! :~)

  6. Hi Carl love your training programmes love the uncomplicated easy style you use.
    I am a mum at home at the moment caught up in a nasty separation with a young family i am unable to join the training nevertheless i am so grateful you put the IF out there which will give me a strong foundation to start from. Please keep up the fantastic work.

    gratefully yours


    • Hi Michelle,
      I am certain that you will have some massive shifts from the Imagining Formula and look forward to seeing you on the training! Imagine It!!!!
      Carl πŸ™‚

  7. Dear Carl,

    Already after attending the first session I experienced push of energy and creativity, increasing from session to session (that means, after each session I needed much less sleep and instead received lots of creative ideas during the following night. And besides other positive things show up in my life.

    So I thank you very much for sharing your webinars, they are really great stuff!

    Kind regards,

  8. Wow Carl, this was truly amazing. I can now go deeper than ever before. Hopefully I can start to unravel some of my deep seeded issues and improve my life on all levels. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • If you have the chance to join the training I highly recommend it and I do communicate via the members area when you have questions or require some advice. There is already quite a lot of good information in the comments area of the Imagining Formula Training.

      Pretty much everyone on the planet has some kind of issues to work on, some more than others, so you are not alone in that area πŸ™‚

      As you start to observe and revise and heal the old issues naturally your mind has less stress and conflict and it becomes much easier to maintain a happy emotional state of being and it is from that position that your imaginings become more easy and you’ll chose the desires that make you the most happy.


      Carl πŸ™‚


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