Part Three: Intuition, The Higher Self and Inner Alignment

carl-andrew-bradbrookYour Higher Self is KING.

And everything serves the king. (sooner or later)

Your Higher Self IS:

All your Power

All your Energy

All your Gifts and Talents

Has the best plan for your life

Has the best direction for your life

Knows exactly what to do first, second, third etc. (all of it!)

Your Higher Self IS your intuition!


The Ego is zero intuition

The Ego robotic

The Ego sleep walks the decades away

Here's an interesting parable from the Gospel of Thomas.

Jesus said: There was a rich man who had a great deal of money. 

He said, "I shall invest my money so that I may sow, reap, plant, and fill my storehouses with produce, that I may lack nothing." 

These were the things he was thinking in his heart, but that very night he died. 

Anyone here with two ears had better listen!

Gospel of Thomas 63

Good parable!

The Ego always has a bunch of plans and stuff going on...

But the Higher Self is KING and eventually calls ALL the shots.

Your Higher Self projects your entire life experience

Here's another great little parable...

Jesus said: "A person cannot mount two horses or bend two bows. And a slave cannot serve two masters, otherwise that slave will honor the one and  offend the other.

Gospel of Thomas 47

The Ego gets sick

The Ego gets broke

The Ego gets in debt

The Ego makes wrong choices and decisions

The Ego suffers wrong jobs

The Ego suffers wrong relationships

The Ego hesitates (it's full of fear)

The point is...

Your Ego created ALL the mess in your life.

Which your Higher Self lovingly endured...

Good News!

Your Higher Self can get you out of WHATEVER mess your Ego got you into.

Your Higher Self can guide you on your Highest Life Path

And that's the whole point of the "Neville Next Level Sessions"

Deep congruent "Inner Alignment"

The Return of The KING.

Back track a few years before you unknowingly became your Ego Self...

When you were born

Moment #1

First tick of your clock

There was ONLY your Higher Self driving the vehicle

And you were HAPPY

In fact you were probably happy until you went to school and got reprogrammed and adulterated and started making all the Ego mistakes.

If you're thinking...

But Carl,  I had a crappy childhood... where was my Higher Self then?

You had a crappy childhood because you didn't listen to your Higher Self in your previous life and the one before that (probably thousands of lifetimes)

And you energetically dragged all the karma and rubbish into this life to WAKE YOU UP

And that's a good thing!

The tougher your life is, the more you've ignored your Higher Self.

AND now is your chance to turn it all around.

Of course you can keep on following your Ego, but where did that get you so far?

How do I know this is true?

I was that person.

Stuck in Ego and floundering in the turbulent waters of life.

The Super Good News!

You ARE your Higher Self (in essence)

That is the True You.

The Ego is just a false sense of self and it creates a DUALITY which is SEPARATION from your True Divine Nature.

Now if you are really stuck in your Ego, drinking, eating rubbish, not exercising, broke, unhappy, miserable, unsatisfying job, fearful of just about everything and all the trappings that go with the False Self and a life time of "play it safe" and "just plain bad" decisions...

Then your best choice you can ever make is to SURRENDER and let your Higher Self run the show.

It's still you... , John, Mary, Bob, but with your inbuilt Higher Self Sat-Nav system giving you the best directions.

The message is now and always has been clear.

"Seek First The Kingdom Of Heaven within and all things will be added."

But boy oh boy isn't that a hard step to take!

The Return of The King is when you CHOOSE LIFE and to activate the 95% (ish) part of you that is currently dormant

It's ALL you, the True You.

Your Higher Self is the part of you you didn't access properly yet.

If you are a woman it's like putting on your Wonder Woman suit.

If you are a man it's like putting on your Superman suit.

It's simply a shift in PERSPECTIVE that happens deep within you.

And then you naturally start receiving YOUR VERY OWN inner guidance and start making right choices and right decisions.

John Randolf Price wrote a book called "The Superbeings" and he shares stories of amazing things that happened to people when they put their "Kingdom Within First"

Great read!

First step on the road to REAL happiness is always Inner Alignment

That's it.

It's the BIG step. ( and most often the hardest step to take)

After that everything starts flowing.

For the past few weeks I've been coaching and helping people activate their Inner Alignment.

It creates change at a DEEP Unconscious level which filters up into conscious awareness as changes in behavior and experience.

This is especially important when the change is targeting ONEness and Inner Alignment.

Now, there's a few weeks remaining this year.

Enough time to get started.

The main intention with these sessions is to ACTIVATE inner alignment within you and when that happens your life begins to sort it self out.

Here's another parable:

Jesus said: Someone was receiving guests. When he had prepared the dinner, he sent his slave to invite the guests. 

The slave went to the first and said, "My master invites you." 

The first replied, "Some merchants owe me money; they are coming to me tonight. I have to go and give them instructions. Please excuse me from dinner." 

The slave went to another and said, "My master has invited you."

The second said to the slave, "I have bought a house, and I have been called away for a day. I shall have no time."

The slave went to another and said, "My master invites you." 

The third said to the slave, "My friend is to be married,
and I am to arrange the banquet. I shall not be able to come. Please excuse me from dinner."

The slave went to another and said, "My master invites you." 

The fourth said to the slave, "I have bought an estate, and I am going to collect the rent. I shall not be able to come. Please excuse me."

The slave returned and said to his master, "Those whom you invited to dinner have asked to be excused."

The master said to his slave, "Go out on the streets and bring back whomever you find to have dinner." Buyers and merchants [will] not enter the places of my Father.

If you have been thinking about doing these sessions and have been sitting on the fence not making a decision, let me help you.

I am available for a quick call on skype (10-15 minutes) and I AM happy to answer any questions that you have, so that you will know one way or another what is your best choice for you.

Frankly, I believe this is something that everyone should do.

Inner alignment is now and always has been the first step.

But if you're not ready yet I'll let you know.

I'm not going to "sell you" (I Promise!)

I'll offer answers to your questions.

I'll offer you my point of view.

I'll share with you what is working

But you have to make your own decision (it's always been that way)

If you are a student of Neville...

You might already be "nearly" there.

One foot in the kingdom and one foot (just in case) in the physical mirror world.

If that's your story, then this is your chance to go all in and "Test him and see"

In the evangelical world they call it "The Alter Call"

It's where the Preacher shares his sermon and message, then calls those who are ready to step forward and accept Jesus in their lives.

Remember "Jesus" is the New Testament name for God.

Jesus Christ is God the Father and Christ the Son together as ONE.

And the Son is the Higher Self and Lower Self together as ONE.

Neville did his own version of preaching for almost 40 years.

Before him was Abdullah

Here's a great movie to watch.

It's called "Faith Like Potatoes".

It's the story of a man who is beaten down and struggling with his Ego and chaos in his life.

It's everyone's story to some degree.

He chooses his "Kingdom Within", his life is transformed and he touches the lives of countless others.

In AA the 12 Step Program for alcoholics (all the 12 step programs) the same theme of advice is present.

The first three steps are:

1) We admitted we were powerless over PROBLEM - ISSUE - CHALLENGE - and that our lives had become unmanageable.

2) Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

3) Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.

(the full 12 steps are here - well worth reading if you haven't already)

All the problems in life are caused by the Ego False Self and separation.

That's it.

The simple solution is "Seek First The Kingdom".

All the solutions in life come from "Him who sent you"

The same message runs through ALL of the truth teachings.

When you have your inner alignment working for you and you stop looking to the world to solve your problems and start seeking your solutions within, your life will shift wonderfully.

This has been quite a long email so I'll close it off here.

The Neville Next Level Sessions are 3 personal coaching sessions via skype.

1) Your first session is "Activating Inner Alignment"
a) Discussion
b) Higher Self Embodiment Intentions and Manifestation process
c) Holy Trinity Deep Unconscious Inner Journey

2) Your second session is Discover and Activate your Given Gifts and Talents
a) Discussion
b) Gifts and Talents Intentions and Manifestation process
c) Discover and Activate your Gifts and Talents Deep Unconscious Inner Journey

3) Your Third session is activating the 12 Disciples (12 disciplines of mind) within you.
a) Discussion
b) 12 Disciples Intentions and Manifestation process
c) Activate your 12 Disciples Deep Unconscious Inner Journey

In these personal sessions you get personal attention and most likely will uncover solutions to issues you are currently facing

Your steps to take are:

1) If you are ready to book your "Neville Next Level Sessions" you can use this link

Click here to Order your Neville Next Level "Personal Private 1-1 Coaching Sessions" US$600


2) Hit reply to this email if you're on the fence, have questions and would like to talk through via skype.

The end of the year is rolling in fast and 2019 (when i first wrote this) is ready to welcome us.

There is still time this year to activate your inner alignment before Xmas and be fully prepared going into your new year

Blessings and ONEness!

IAM Carl 🙂

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