How An Aligned Life Vision Gives Meaning and Right Direction.

From where I observe the different people from different walks of life who are on the training I am always amazed to see the diversity in people's situations and their dreams/desires.

Many people are stuck in one or two areas of their lives and many already have success in others. Many have little or no success at all and some are just starting out in life.

Almost all are silently seeking that deep inner connection with themselves that they lost in their youth. Almost all have been ignoring their inner wisdom.

The Higher Self Abundance Life Vision process seems to naturally target creating change in areas that need work to create the breakthroughs that people are seeking.

The breakthroughs come when people finally understand the necessity of inner alignment and start following their aligned inner guidance.

Whatever lack or misdirection the ego programs created unknowingly can then be resolved allowing forward movement in the desired direction.

Inner alignment and effective imagining creates the joyful Highest Life Path we are seeking

Wrongly directed imagining doesn't create much at all aside from more yearning and anguish.

An Aligned Life Vision is the "catalyst" to cure ALL

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