Supreme Abundance Manifesto

Imagine that you wake up in the morning and you are filled with feelings of absolute joy of being alive.

As you sit there on your bed, counting your blessings, you feel a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for your life and your journey.

Others are in wonder and awe as to how your life is so blessed and how everything continuously works out, seemingly miraculously, for you.

And as you sit there you smile knowingly, contemplating your journey and the breakthroughs you have had.

Your life is more than just exquisitely balanced, it is Divinely Harmonious in every aspect.

Each day you dedicate a portion of your expanded time to further molding and developing your stellar character.

And daily, in each and every moment, you harvest the rewards of your diligence.

You know now, without a shadow of a doubt, that it is who you have become which has shaped your world.

As within, so without.

As above, so below.

And it is so.

Your relationships are wholesome, rewarding and fulfilling in every way.

You are a shining-light example to your children who choose not to grow up, but to mature wisely and continue to play their evolving games of life.

Your friends reflect back to you every worthy aspect of yourself that your have lovingly transformed and you delight investing your time playfully with them.

When you look in the mirror you feel true love and appreciation of yourself and your beautiful smile, which dances easily and regularly on your beaming face.

Your eyes shine brightly and clearly and radiate loving energy to yourself and your world.

Your life is more play than work and the work that you do, you love so much.

You took the time to discover, nurture and develop your unique gifts and talents you were born with and marvel at the ways that your Father weaves opportunities to use them, into your work and play.

You regularly experience synchronistic opportunities that expand your already abundant wealth and prosperity.

You resoundingly proved that your abundance of money is simply a by product of your elevated consciousness, expanded energy and diligent projection of your true hearts desires.

Your body radiates Divine Wellbeing and you love and nurture it and it serves you well.

Your appearance has taken on a glowing, vibrant look of youthfulness and you basque in your delightful feeling of health-fullness.

You chose wisely to take back the years the locusts had eaten and as you did unnumbered years fell away and you were restored to true divine radiance.

You became a child again.

Your spirit soars and you are ceaselessly filled with abundant energy, moving through your world with powerful ease and feather light grace.

You live in your now, aware, awake, present and in true alignment with your powerful Higher Levels of yourself.

Your frequency is high vibration and you are wonderfully grounded in Mother Earth, ensuring that all of your chosen manifestations are magnetically drawn to you.

You create with power, celebrate now and KNOW with certainty that all of your highly energized, aligned desires, will arrive with Divine Right Timing and in Divine Right Order. And arrive they do.

Your intuition is keen and accurate and you easily, swiftly and joyfully take Divine Right Action and lovingly do your Father's work.

Your mind is clean and clear and so is your life and you use the Right Knowledge that you are guided to acquire.

You live in the home of your dreams, each detail as you imagined it would be and you are transported royally on your journeys with all manner of luxurious vehicles.

You travel light and with the light and explore new places and parts of our wonderful world, each place a new journey with new experiences and learning's.

You are constantly evolving and your Higher Self and Father are revealing and expanding new and higher levels of yourself. Each level expresses a new higher faculty which you master and wisely wield.

Joy of your journey is your constant companion.

Your romantic life blossoms and flowers and your partner is a perfect compliment for every aspect of yourself.

You delight in each others company and energetically expand each other to higher and higher levels of love and connection.

And as you sit there you KNOW that all of this has happened, not only because you boldly chose it, but because you had the courage to change yourself.

You sought first your Kingdom of Heaven within.

And you became King, exploring and expanding your Kingdom within, placing your flag of IAMness in all four corners of your inner world.

You shone your infinite light brightly and your wisdom and benevolence banished the darkness.

Where stagnant waters of consciousness stood still, you cleared the path and new clean waters of vibrant consciousness ran streaming through the luscious fields of your awakened imagination.

Strong wise trees reached high and new branches of thoughts stretched into the sky and flowers and fruits blossomed, bloomed and ripened.

You realized that now is your harvest time.

And in that moment you knew in your heart how truly magical and perfect your life is and how guided and loved and supported you are.

Your Beginning...

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