Ripe Delicious Bananas and a Lucid Dream.


I was sitting at a local food truck in Bali last night, having a Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) and was explaining to my friend "How Your Good Can Come To you".

So I went though a bit of an explanation and I could see by the distant gaze in her eyes the new information had caused a bit of a short-circuit in her mind.


...there was a HUGE BANG as a full bunch of Bananas dropped and landed on the table.

It just missed our plates and we both looked up at the staff and we all started laughing.

That's how it happens.

Out of the Blue.

One minute a lot of wondering and pondering and contemplating about how and when things will change and moments later BANG and a full bunch of ripe bananas lands on your dinner table. (Faith AND Divine Right Action are the currency of miracles)

I'm always amazed and amused how "My Father" can deliver such wonderful lessons with such "exquisite timing".

The lady at food truck handed over a couple of bananas as an apology for them falling (she didn't realise the perfection of the lesson and her part)

A few hours later... (another lesson delivered...)

....long after dinner, in the wee early hours of the morning, I was awake in my dreams and there was a jolly old story going on and I was in the story.

I was a kid and I was working for my dad (who had a cleaning company) and he'd employed a manager to look after the business for him.

So I was working at cleaning the windows in a factory and I discovered that the manager had been looking into the company computers and into my computer and was taking advantage of the information he was seeing and he really wasn't doing any work.

The next morning I came to work and the beautiful clean windows I'd created were dirty and smeared with filth and mud and I had to clean them again.

There were two other workers who were working with me. They were diligent and persistent and I liked them.

I had enough and I told my dad what was going on with the lazy manager who messed up my windows and that he should "sack" the manager (which he did)

End of that part of the dream.

The next part of my dream was a story about some cleansing processes for me to do with my body.

Ok, so what do you make of that story?

Go and have another read and this time change the word "Dad" for "Father" and for "me telling the story" substitute the word "Son"

Think "Father and Son"

Think of the windows as my desires.

  • What part did the Lazy Manager play?
  • Who were the diligent workers?
  • What was the story about?
  • What was the message?

There are programs that run in our Unconscious Minds that sometimes we are not aware of and other times it's glaringly obvious.

Dreams (and the Unconscious Mind - our unique part of our Great Father) are very metaphorical. (N.B. - Nota Bene - NOTE WELL - Metaphor!)

In dreams, as in life, each person we know, meet and interact with, reflects an aspect of our self.

There is always a story going on in our life that is teaching us more about ourselves.

In this instance I had a Lazy Manager (Old Self Critical Program) running in my mind (computer) that was smearing negative thinking (Dirt) on my imagining (work) of creating my beautiful desires (windows).

This was very pertinent to me as I have been "Energising a Specific Desire" and yesterday and about a week ago I experienced a couple of instances of being "Off Center" (YUK! - so I cleared the issues - N.B. - Nota Bene -Clearing!)

When we are awake in our dreams and can make a decision and take an action in our dreams we can clear things INSTANTLY.

In this case I told my Father to sack the Lazy Manager (delete the old critical programming)

The two diligent workers were good habits (programs).

Until you have that "Awake In Your Dreams" ability (NOW...and it is SO!) observe your Daily Life for patterns and Revise and Clear them.

Hope those stories help.

Write your dreams down and start learning to interpret them. (KEY POINT!)

There is always a story and within the story the message to you.

Side Note: Writing this I had a THOUGHT..."And now It's banana time :-)"

So, keep on consciously connecting to your Higher Self, IMAGINING your good, doing your "Father Work" and CLEARING and REVISING as you go.

Higher Self connection and inner experience of your good is SUPER KEY.

Wishing you a wonderful day and may bunches of ripe bananas fall gracefully into your life!

Carl 🙂

P.S. Just as I finished writing this my friend walked in and placed a banana on my desk so I didn't even have to go and get it ! How about that! I LOVE a great lesson 🙂 - (N.B. Nota Bene - THOUGHT manifested!)

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