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My name is Carl Andrew Bradbrook.

Below on this page you will find an overview of the #1 Neville Goddard and Carl's “Secret Of Imagining” Collection.

The collection is comprehensive and contains all that you need to learn Neville's teachings, Start Imagining Effectively and begin manifesting the life you truly desire TODAY!

Whether you are a newcomer to imagining or even a long time Neville student, the 12 parts of this unique collection offers easy ways to begin or improve your imagining and manifesting skills.

There are Two Parts to the "Secret Of Imagining Collection".

The first part is Neville's original materials which includes 138 lectures in his own voice, all 11 books as PDF's and 295 Original Lecture transcriptions as PDF's.

The second part is the materials that I have created to assist you in the Practical Application of Neville's teachings which includes all of Neville's audio books that I have narrated PLUS the Superlearning Neville training, The Easy Search PDF's to help you study easily and effectively and many other tools including Powerful Guided Imagining Sessions

This is an amazing collection for the dedicated Neville student who wants to master his/her life...but don't take my word for it, read some of the testimonials on this page and if you have questions please ask.

Blessings, Love and Light!


Welcome! My name is Carl Andrew Bradbrook.

Below on this page you will find an overview of the #1 Neville Goddard and Carl's “Secret Of Imagining” Collection.

The collection is comprehensive and contains all that you need to learn Neville's teachings, Start Imagining Effectively and begin manifesting the life you truly desire TODAY!

Whether you are a newcomer to imagining or even a long time Neville student, the 12 parts of this unique collection offers easy ways to begin or improve your imagining and manifesting skills.

But don't take my word for it, read some of the testimonials on this page and if you have questions please ask.

Blessings, Love and Light!


Jay M'Bei

What about Carl?...probably the best Neville Goddard expert out there 🙂


Mike Searles

Imagine it! Carl Bradbrook is responsible for the best online resources I could find on the complete works of Neville Goddard. For that I am truly thankful.


Gregory Lewis Yock

I am honored to perhaps be the one who has introduced Carl to my friends and associates, knowing that his message, essentially his embodiment of Goddard's own message, will bring joy and enrichment to their lives.

1) 295 All Original Neville Goddard Lectures (PDF)

You can download all of the Neville Goddard PDF lectures from your Secret Of Imagining Members Library. I AM also breathing NEW LIFE into this EPIC PDF  collection by narrating my favorite lectures. This is a work in progress and you can find out more further down this page.

2) 11 All Original Neville Goddard Books (PDF)

You will find all of the Neville Goddard Books PDF in your Secret Of Imagining Members Library. PLEASE NOTE: Also checkout how you can "Mind Imprint Learn" Neville's entire Books and Lectures Collection. (More information further down this page)

3) EASY SEARCH Neville Goddard Books & Lectures (PDF's)

For years I used to come across phrases and words in Neville’s audios and books and wondered...

"What on earth does he mean?"

" AND I had a burning  desire to dig deeper and find out more…

But what a monumental task that was…going through nearly 300 lectures and 11 books pdf’s manually one-by-one.

Then, when I was creating the Superlearning Neville Module of the Superlearning The Masters course I had the idea to create a Master PDF of all Neville’s Lectures and another of his Books.

…and “Easy Search” is the result. Have a look at the video below for a quick overview of how easily it works and how much valuable time it can save you … You can literally become a Neville Expert in a matter of a few weeks!

4) All 138 ORIGINAL MP3 Neville Goddard Audio Lectures (In his Own Voice)

Here is an example from one of the folders of Neville's 138 original audio’s included in the Neville Goddard Secret Of Imagining Collection.

For a bit of nostalgia I also included the first two Neville Goddard audio lectures that I listened to many, many years ago and inspired the first version of the Secret Of Imagining Collection way back in 2006 🙂

5) Neville Goddard Audio Books Narrated by Carl Bradbrook MP3

Way back in 2005 I was first introduced to the "Mystic Neville Goddard". It was a serendipitous meeting and I found him hidden in two plain looking PDF's which were a part of a bonus for an audio teleseminar series that I bought called "Attract a Car" by an at that time moderately known Self Help teacher called Joe Vitale. (Did it work? I'm the person at the bottom of the Attract a Car website standing next to my chauffeur driven Mercdes )

I was drawn instantly into the world of Neville when I read his book At Your Command in a single sitting followed by Class Instruction (AKA the 1948 Lessons series)

And to my absolute astonishment there were ZERO Neville audio books available anywhere on line and I knew immediately that I had to record both books.

To date I have narrated 7 of his books and this year 2021 will complete the series with the final 4 books.

Below you will find a brief overview on the books I have already narrated.

You may be wondering why this could be so important to you?

Over the years I have had people tell me again and again that when they listened to my narrations of Neville's teachings they had a far deeper understanding of the teachings and the message than they had previously had with any other recording they had listened to.

Some people even said they instantly understood Neville's deciphering of Biblical metaphors, whereas previously they struggled. Interestingly I also had the same feedback with Charles Haanel's books when I recorded those.

My intention is that you have the same depth of experience and embodiment of Neville's teachings when you listen to these audio books. Let me know!

At Your Command


Feeling Is The Secret


Out Of This World


The Law and The Promise


Prayer The Art Of Believing


Class Instruction (1948)


Seedtime and Harvest


5b) Yes! All NEW Neville Goddard Audio Books

New Narrations are in process...

This poster refers to the seven Neville books that I set an objective to narrate in order to complete the full set of Neville’s books. I guess it should now read “The Magnificent Three and a Half” 🙂 (I've already made a small dent in narrating the remaining books)

During 2022 I will finish this "Books Narration" part of my Neville project, so stay tuned!

Your Faith Is Your Fortune


The Power Of Awareness


Awakened Imagination


Freedom For All


6) Neville's Lectures (From PDF) Narrated By Carl

Neville Goddard Audio Books lovingly narrated in Sydney, Australia and Bali, Indonesia.

If You Can Really Believe


Imagination Creates Reality


Mystery Lecture 1 (Sep 2022)


Mystery Lecture 2 (Sep 2022)


Praise For The Collection

And Now Nine Highly Effective Tools To Help You Easily Learn and Practice Your Imaginary Experiences

7) Three Audio Talks and Tips For Your Imagining Practice

Learning to imagine effectively is a skill to be learned like any other skill and a playful attitude is a powerful asset.

In this series of Audio talks I cover a variety of topics and each is full of tips to help you improve your ability to Imagine effectively.


This is Volume One in the Imagining Success Stories series. The series is a collection of success stories of Imagining and Visualization for you to learn from and test in your own imaginings.

This audio starts with some coaching on what to look for in the stories. The coaching is both for your Conscious and Unconscious Minds.


This is a great audio I recorded a while back and it covers probably one of the biggest challenges that people have when they start learning to consciously co-create their reality using their imagination.

See if you can spot the lesson.


When I was building the new Neville Goddard website I found this audio hidden among a bunch of old posts.

It's a great audio and has an Experiential Imagining segment in it and is one of people's favorites.

8) FIVE Guided Imagining Experiences

When you own the “Secret Of Imagining” Collection you will also receive all the new audio books at no additional charge.


This is a powerful follow along guided Imaginary experience of Neville's Famous "Ladder Experiment" This will take you deep into your Unconscious Mind as you climb the ladder of your own Consciousness. This is a metaphor that your deeper self is very familiar with and will act on to move you higher.

The Loving Kindness Meditation is a big favorite and contains a really powerful process. Laura, loyal fan of this meditation said this:

OMG you have no idea how many nights your meditation saved my life when I was going through ugly divorce times ... in part I owe what I have become because of that - xoxoxox

This is a powerful meditation to do and I have had such awesome feedback on it with people having inner guidance experiences and even vivid visions.

The meditation comes from the Abundance Life Vision training and is so good I had to share it here with you. IN-JOY!

This is an "Off the Cuff" relaxation/guided meditation that I did during a 2 hours coaching session with a client.

The meditation was so good that I edited it into it's own audio and shared it with Abundance Life Vision training members and again had some awesome feedback.

Now I am sharing it with you in the Secret Of Imagining Collection. Be prepared to go deep and FEEL really good!

I loved doing this guided Imaginary Experience audio. You are going to Unconsciously and Consciously learn how to put your Imaginary Experiences together seamlessly.

Your Unconscious Mind is the most powerful learning machine and loves to learn and experiential learning is the fastest way to build and integrate new skills. This audio goes through a series of imaginings where you get to work with your Unconscious Mind to develop your own inner imagery.

9) ONE Highly Effective Brainwave Entrainment Audio To Quickly Access Powerful Imagining States

Just Imagine Now, It’s Easy, Fast Effective and Reliable!

Relax easily and quickly
Access the Imagining State Fast.
Almost Effortlessly hold your attention on your Imaginary Experience
Powerfully impress your Unconscious Mind.
Come gracefully back to full waking state awareness.

All this In just over 17 minutes.

N.B. Full instructions for use are provided in the members area


This is the Womb Of Creation Brain Wave Entertainment audio I designed to take you down into Deep Delta which is akin to sleep.

The deeper you go on your inner journey the more powerfully you energise your desire.

With this audio get clear on your desire and relax into your inner world and as you go deeper repeat your imaginary experience until you are aided to fall easily into a state of sleep and project into the 4th Dimension. Enjoy!

10) Develop Your Power Of Imagination With The Unique Secret Of Imagining Affaliminal

Included in the Neville Goddard Collection is what I call an "Affaliminal” and it is a cross between a subliminal program and a powerful way of doing affirmations.

Having used affirmations for years and also having co-created a program called Visualization Turbo I am aware that a carefully crafted and personally directed affirmation (especially with a visual element) can have big benefits for the user.

I noticed great results and found myself waking up positive and thinking in the direction of my "Affaliminal" statements.

Then I created the first Affaliminal for Imagination from a carefully crafted set of affirmations to improve Imagination. I also included a statement at the beginning to help to achieve alignment between the Higher Self, The Unconscious Mind and The Conscious Mind.

A full disclosure of the Affaliminal statements and the alignment statement is in the members area for you to read prior to using the Imagination Affaliminal.

11) Immediate Access To The Exclusive "Secret Of Imagining" Members Area

This brief video gives you an overview of the members area where you can download all of your "Secret of Imagining Collection"

12) Pay "One Time" and Enjoy FREE Upgrades for Life

This the the “Sixth Generation” of my Neville Goddard Secret Of Imagining Collection, evolving since 2006.

The members section has also evolved into it’s current “Members Library” format as there were simply too many valuable components to deliver via one download page.

When you own your copy of the Very Unique “Secret Of Imagining Collection” you will receive all of the FREE upgrades to the collection.

I look forward to seeing you on the “Inside” which of course is where it’s all happening 🙂

BONUS: Superlearn Neville's Life Works

Mind Imprint Superlearn Neville Entire Life Works

Prior to the Internet coming into existence Neville’s works were known only by a few faithful students in the USA. Then came the internet and Neville’s works became available to more and more people.

Now the latest breakthrough is in a proven learning system which directly imprints Neville’s wisdom into your Unconscious Mind for you to access at will. The Superlearning method that I teach I call “Mind Imprint Learning".

And below is a really brief overview of the Superlearning materials and benefits. (Full details are available here: Superlearning The Masters -Page Opens In New Tab)

Included in The Superlearning Neville Module Are:

  1. FULL Comprehensive Superlearning Training which you can learn easily and use for ALL of your projects into your foreseeable future. This is a powerful technique that I have been using since 1998 with everything I learn and every project I work on and it has been invaluable in my personal Self Help quest.
  2. Superlearning Neville's Entire Books Collection Video (522 pages of Neville's complete library)
  3. Superlearning Neville's Entire PDF Lectures Collection Video (2434 pages of Neville's timeless wisdom and practical knowledge from almost 295 live lectures spanning 19 years )

Some of The Benefits of Mind Imprint Superlearning Are:

    • Accelerated learning at 50-100 times the average
    • Need for less sleep.
    • Better organization.
    • More productivity.
    • Higher energy levels.
    • Meteoric rises in business, industry and athletic endeavors.
    • Elevated whole brain activity.
    • Stimulates growth of dendrites (to store new information).
    • Strengthened neural pathways
    • Hemispheric left and right brain balancing.
    • Heightened neural communication between conscious and unconscious.
    • Greater memory capacity.
    • Better and faster comprehension of any materials.
    • Better decision making.

There Are Two Fast Ways That You Can Get Started Straight Away With Your “Secret Of Imagining Collection"

The Secret Of Imagining Collection is a "One of a Kind" collection of not only Neville Goddard's original works but also a collection of proven tools, techniques and talks to help you get integrate the powerful habit of Imagining successfully into your life.

Option One: The Full Secret Of Imagining Collection

Own the complete Secret of Imagining Collection which includes Neville's complete works and receive Immediate Access to the members area.

Option Two: A Gift Of Neville PLUS The Full Secret Of Imagining Collection

Give Your Gift Of Neville and Introduce your friends and family to the wonderful world of Imagining.

Includes Five (5) "At Your Command Audio Books on CD" narrated by Carl PLUS receive Immediate Access to the "Secret Of Imagining Collection" members area.

This is a great audio book to hand out to people. It is professionally manufactured in the USA and shipping costs are included to anywhere in the world. You Get FIVE audio book CD's

It's the kind of gift that people will keep and listen to at a time that is right for them and when they are open to the wisdom of Neville.

The FULL Secret Of Imagining Collection Members Area Access

One Time Payment of Just $39.95

Immediate access to the Full Secret Of Imagining Collection via members area.

The Full Secret Of Imagining Collection PLUS 5 At Your Command CD's

One Time Payment of Just $67

Immediate access to the Full Secret Of Imagining Collection via members area.

PLUS Five (5) At Your Command CD's shipped to you anywhere in the world (See below for full details of the At Your Command 5 Pack of CD's)


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