Part Two: [Neville Mastery] ONE simple truth that ensures enduring success (or not)

carl-andrew-bradbrookToday I am going to share with you the one thing, that when you understand it and apply it, will completely transform your life forever.

This one thing is the ultimate shift in perspective and completely changes the game.

It Guarantees you WIN your entire Game Of Life (not just a random bit of it here and there)

This one thing has the power to lift you up and make all things new.

Let's review a few of the basic principles of life so that we are on the same page and have a starting point to work from.

If you are a student of Neville and a student of the true meaning and purpose of life, you'll know that:

There is only one being on this planet and that is God.

His name is IAM (and there is no other God besides me)

And we, the many, are the children of God.

We are individualized consciousness in the ONE mind of the ONE True God.

If something were not God it would not exist.

And we know that God put himself to sleep in order that he could come here to Earth and experience himself playing different roles.

God desired to KNOW himself.

So there was a forgetting and God forgot who he was, so that he could have a completely unbiased experience of himself playing the many roles of life.

We know also that all creation is finished and it is perfect.

Now, if God were to put himself to sleep in the Adamic Dream it makes perfect sense that God would "leave clues for himself", so that he could wake himself up and once again become whole.

God would leave a trail of breadcrumbs to follow home.

God also knew that waking from the Adamic Dream would not be simple.

What kind of clues would God leave?

What clues could he be CERTAIN would eventually "Wake Himself Up"

If you are human then you are more likely than not experiencing some "Issues/Problem/Obstacles" in your life that you would like to resolve.

God KNEW that the more a HU-Man (God-Man) drifted into "separation and sleep" unaware of his unlovely creations...

… the bigger the issues and problems would become.

Eventually, over thousands of lifetimes, the issues would become so BIG that only a return to source, a return to ONEness, a return to True Self could solve them.

That is what we are seeing on the planet now and most are experiencing individually.

Problems and issues that are beyond the capability of the "Separateness of Ego" to solve.

Problems and issues that have only ONE solution.

God knew the mess we would create for ourselves and gave us some very simple instructions and guidelines to follow, so that our awakening would be easier.

  • He consistently sent "messengers" to share the truth.
  • He gave us the 10 commandments (guidelines for a wholesome life)

He also gave us some specific warnings such as:

  •  "God is not mocked" and
  • "My word shall not return unto me void"

And God pre-created "States of Consciousness" for us to experience knowing that we would make mistakes, ignore his warnings and break the commandments thus causing endless problems and issues for ourselves.

God knew that the stubborn would create "Big/Huge Issues" beyond the Ego's capability of solving with it's worldly ways.

And he KNEW the Ego would become the peoples identity (their False Self) and the idea of ONEness would convey a fearful seeming loss of that limited identity.

Now this bit is important because when you FULLY understand this you are FREE forever.

All of the "issues and problems" you have in your life have been designed to WAKE YOU UP from your Adamic Dream and bring you home in consciousness.

AND when you are awake ALL the problems and issues you have are no longer necessary and can be easily and PERMANENTLY ERASED.

So, the hidden message in "all the problems of the world of Caesar" is:

Seek First The Kingdom Of Heaven (and all the GOOD things will be added)

By first CHOOSING The Kingdom within, you have consciously chosen to finally end ALL your inner and outer struggles and battles.

"The Awakened Man" is wise and has no time or use for

Fear Issues
Heath issues
Financial issues
Relationship Issues

and all the other core issues that people are facing relentlessly cycling in and out of their lives.

When you find "him that sent you", you are no longer lost in the wilderness of life.

Life is a mirror that reflects to us who we are (not who we want to be)

It is a perfect arrangement.

When you put your "Inner Kingdom" first in life, your Kingdom within MUST by LAW reflect "Heaven on Earth"

But some people are stubborn and fear-full.

And their Inner Kingdom is in chaos created by life times of separation and EGO.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Life can change instantly.

That is the nature of what people across all time and all philosophies call "Miracles"

Miraculous changes of STATE.

They are miraculous because states of mind and being are ACTIVATED within you.

They are INSTANT shifts in consciousness.

God's message and promise is simple, firm and absolute.

When you are already awake and are experiencing your inner alignment and IAMness powerfully and consciously...

...then the common issues and problems of life are no longer necessary.

Issues/problems/obstacles can and do disappear in the blink of an eye.

You can simply CHOOSE a state of being to occupy that is FREE from all issues and problems.

And because you are awake you know that in "choosing that state" you have already obtained it" and can say:

Thank you Father!

This IS the reason why we are told to "Seek First The Kingdom of Heaven" and all things will be added.

We are told to CHOOSE ONEness and inner alignment over separation and discord

We are also told:

"It is our Fathers pleasure to give us the Kingdom" (Not just a little bit of the Kingdom, but the whole kingdom.)

"My Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills"

OK that's the basics.

Most diligent Neville students know that and it was important to cover first in this email to set the scene.

Now this is where things begin to get really interesting.

Even though most diligent Neville students know that, most struggle to achieve it.

  • Most know that "An Assumption, when persisted in, hardens into fact", but most struggle with natural feeling assumption. (which is not possible without FIRST a change of State)
  • Most know that Imagining creates reality but struggle to actually create the reality they desire. (first a change of state is required - then a manifestation)
  • For many Neville students it seems to be an almost unsolvable problem.

And Neville often reminds us that "Mastering Imagining" is the greatest of all problems that most people should seek to master.

But how?

On February 22 this year a vision came upon me and I followed it's calling.

Although my inner vision has been active for many years this was my first Biblical Vision and it was a journey through my deep unconscious mind.

In the journey I was David and I slew several Golliath's, all of whom represented problems in my life.

The vision was quite detailed (I'll share it with you later) and I wrote it down and within a short while my life started changing very noticeably and without much effort.

I was quite shocked by the vision because I AM a peaceful person.

And I was also intrigued (as ever) and embarked on a 7 month journey of inner guidance, learning's and practice.

I deeply experienced and concluded that States of Consciousness are NOT something that you learn.

States of being and consciousness are ACTIVATED in you.

And YES! you CAN activate FULL inner alignment within you.

Simply put, you can choose to activate IAM and fully embody and experience that state.

I'll cover more about this is my next email.

And today I want to leave you with this thought...

If I was God and I could gift you ONE thing...

One thing that makes ALL the difference in the world

One thing that would ensure you feel and experience True Love

One thing that would ensure your HealthFULLness

One thing that would ensure your Joy and Happiness

One thing that would ensure your Success in all that you do.

One thing that would ensure you experience True Abundance

What do you think that ONE thing is?

Of course it would be myself.

If I were God I would Gift you "Myself"

All of me

And my light would grow ever stronger and more powerful within you.

You would truly FEEL my Love for you.

You would truly feel and BE whole again

You would be able to HEAR my words and guidance in all your affairs

You would KNOW in your heart that your trials and problems  had achieved their purpose, bringing you home to me, and can now simply fade away.

That would be my gift to you.

Tomorrow I will share more on your journey home and how simple it can be.

Your good life awaits you!

Thank you Father!

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Thank you and see you in my next email!

Blessings and ONEness!

IAM Carl 🙂

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