Clearing Your Path For Freedom and Abundance

carl-andrew-bradbrookNote: This is an email I sent Oct 10 2017

Too few people do the "Essential Inner Clearing" work.

I know I avoided it for years.

It was painful drudging up the past.

Far better to just keep "hoping" things will shift.

But they didn't.

So eventually I did what I knew deep inside I had to do.

Clear the decades of accumulated "Crap" from my mind.

It wasn't easy to start.

But I had my back against the wall.

I just couldn't take any more of those "Down Days"

It was getting to hard to pull myself back to a temporary balance...

...before another drop into quiet despair.

Another cycle of down months.

One day I was on my limit.

Nowhere to turn, but "Inside".

No one to turn to but myself.

I did my first process.

It took me hours.

And then I did another

and another

and another

They weren't perfect (far from it)

But I DID IT and it worked.

I slept deeply that night.

Better than in a long time.

I felt better when I woke up.

So I did more processes.

I made a commitment to myself to clear ALL the "Crap" out of my

50 Processes and I had the time down to about 30 minutes.

100 and I was down to about 15 minutes.

My Unconscious Mind "Got It"!

It knew what I wanted it to do.

Clear the crap away

De-energise it

Release it

FREE myself!

And my Unconscious Mind started "owning" the processes.

Personalizing and Improving them.

As I learned my Unconscious Mind learned.

I could do it anywhere.

Even do processes in my mind walking along

And I felt "Better and Better"

I discovered various "Healing methods"

And I tested them.

One time, 17 days and nights of processes resulting in an
"Instant Healing" of a physical issue.

Adapting and modifying with each process.

Throwing out the unnecessary steps.

Keeping the power steps.

I was doing what the good book said:

"Know Thyself"

At first I didn't like what I saw in me.

I didn't like myself.

I dug deep into the dark of my mind

and I changed it.

I learned to forgive myself

and forgive others.

I learned to love myself

and love others.

And my world changed.

At first I worked on my mind.

And Revised, de-energised cleared and released the past.

Then I was drawn to work on my emotions

I cleared the blocked emotions.

I opened my heart and I could feel my heart energy expand like a huge balloon out from my chest.

Aches and pains simply disappeared...

and with each process I continued to feel better and better.

Then new levels of my being were revealed to me.

And I learned how to clear all the levels of my energy bodies.

At that point I had a quantum shift in the way I felt and an expansion of my awareness to new levels.

The more clearing I did the easier it got.

All I wanted in the beginning was to feel better

Who doesn't?

And what I received was "True Freedom" of mind body and spirit.

Last year I started teaching Clearing and Revision.

And the overwhelming feedback...

It works!


If you are struggling at the moment you are not alone.

A LOT of changes are happening on the planet.

CHANGE has come upon us in a BIG way.

All people know it (even the most disconnected)

It's not something that can be avoided anymore.

The ways of our parents no longer work

Things are falling apart globally.

Clearing and Revision is essential (not optional).

The way forward is to get out of the "race mind consciousness"

...and rise up in consciousnesses ABOVE the global Ego.

Our Higher levels of ourselves (Our Higher Self) KNOWS how to guide us ABUNDANTLY on our highest and most rewarding Life Path

BUT we have to "Clean UP"

Then we are energetically open to receiving our GOOD.

We can't go higher with all the inner conflicts, emotional baggage and energy blocks we have.

It's not possible.

If we want to soar like an eagle, we have to clear it (we all do)

If your back is against the wall (even a little bit), then maybe now is the time to set yourself free.

I guarantee you will feel VERY noticeably better.

And that will lift you up to higher levels of consciousness that are essential in these times.

I look forward to seeing you on the workshops.

Blessings of Peace Freedom and Abundance!

Carl 🙂

P.S. Time is NOW. (You know that!)

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