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Carl Andrew Bradbrook

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You will immediately be added as a "Workshop Participant” and your "Log IN"  credentials will be rushed to you by email, so that you can Begin Your Imagining and Manifesting Journey Now...Today!

…which means that you get access to ALL Ten FULL Simple Imagine Manifest System Recorded Teleseminar Workshop Training's with Carl.

You’ll have immediate access to the Simple Imagine Manifest “Members Area”,  which is where you will go to download your training materials and ask your questions.

You will also receive these training materials

  • 10 (ten) FULL  audio recordings, one of each entire teleseminar event.
  • 10 (ten) Guided Imaginary Experience Sessions.
  • Join the other participants and get your questions answered by Carl in the members area.
  • 10 (ten) "Workshop Transcript" and "Workshop Slide Sets"
  • Treasure Chest of Workshop Bonus Materials


You’ll have unlimited access to the entire training… forever.

24 hours a day.  7 days a week.  365 days a year.

Your self-liberating FREEDOM training fee is a single one time payment of just US$197

Your Satisfaction Guarantee

You are covered by a very generous guarantee…

The Simple Imagine Manifest System Training Workshops comes with a 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

What this means is that you are covered to attend a FULL 30 days of the training, so that you can fully put the teachings and the practices to work in your life.

I do ask just one small favor… that you really test-drive the course by going through the training before asking for a refund. (This isn’t something you must do. Just a favor I ask.)

I want you to become a successful "Imaginist" and you can’t do that without jumping in.

To get a refund, all you’ll need to do is email me any time during the first 30 days of the workshop and confirm that you have deleted all of the training materials that you downloaded.

Once I receive your email, you’ll get a prompt, full refund. Of course your access to the members area and any remaining Workshops will be cancelled.

This proven system really will give you the tools and skills to imagine effectively in your life.

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Your self-liberating FREEDOM training fee is a single one time payment of just US$197