3 responses to “Rare Recordings Of Napoleon Hill – Five”

  1. 2902ao says:

    Napolean Hill was the inspiration of Earl Nightingale, Rhonda Byrne, Brian
    Tracy, Dale Carnegie, and a hundred others. Without him, there would be no
    Secret, no Strangest Secret, No Psychology of Achievement. I wonder if
    there would even be a self help industry like we have today. and without
    Andrew Carnegie, there would be no Napolean Hill….too bad most of the
    history programs seems to make Carnegie out to be some sort of “robber
    baron”, when nothing could be further fromt he truth.

  2. AHHAFILMS says:


  3. YourMindofSuccess says:

    So much good stuff here. “Challenge to Life” is timeless. Occupy your mind
    with the things you want and keep your mind off of the things you don’t
    want. Don’t let your mind feed on what you don’t want. This recalls Earl
    Nightingale’s “You become what you think about most of the time.” This is
    why achievement starts with definiteness of purpose. You have something to
    think about most of the time. The more you do this, the more you guarantee
    that you will get what you want.