4 responses to “Rare Recordings Of Napoleon Hill – Seven”

  1. Jonathan Castro says:


  2. Cashflow is Contagious! says:

    It’s my pleasure John. I’m enjoying sharing this information with the
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  3. YourMindofSuccess says:

    Wishes are often fathers to facts. Don’t assume facts to harmonize with
    your desires. This is the basis of “wishful thinking.” Might be expensive.
    For example, it is possible that one can be so in love with one’s offering
    that he or she thinks that “everyone will want one.” May not be so! An
    accurate thinker seeks facts. Asks “How do you know that?” Otherwise, your
    enterprise may be a “labor of love.” If only he was around and could watch
    biz op infomercials. I wonder what he would say.

  4. Yolanda Weisman says: