Combined Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from some of the trainings that I have co-created. You will also find more testimonials on the main web site.


visualization turbo

“Further Success: It’s Incredible!”

“I am now selling work regularly… “

I installed visualization turbo about a month ago. I contacted you a few weeks ago to let you know I had sold a painting for the first time in several weeks after using VT.

I have to tell you that I am now selling work regularly, and have several commissions on the go. It’s incredible!

I even did an experiment with the uk and euro lottery. I never win usually, but since starting affirmations two weeks ago I have won twice. OK, not the jackpot but I won nevertheless.

The power of the subconscious mind is incredible. I have known this for a long time through books I have read, but VT is a workable, practical way of getting ideas into your SC mind easily and effortlessly.

Thanks Carl and watch this space!!

– Andrew Pepworth

Best Winning Streak in Trading Since I Began in 2001

“…and I have Hit a New High in My Venture Capital”

I am a long term contracts for difference trader on international markets and have worked extensively on the psychological components of a healthy trader mindset.

Visualization Turbo is the best tool I have ever come across that works directly with the subconscious mind .

I am a powerful believer that the subconscious mind hold many of the pitfalls that plague a trader psychology.

Since utilizing this tool I have had the best winning streak in trading since I began in 2001 and I have hit a new high in my venture capital .

The absolute beauty of this product is that you can take someone else’s product and wisdom and design your own program within it that has meaning for you and you only.

I have designed a whole visualization and affirmation program around my goals and aspirations for my trading future and I have it switched on flashing its pearls of wisdom to my subconscious mind all the time.

I believe I have yet to have the full force of this fantastic tool unfold with my trading success.

Thank you Carl for your foresight and wisdom in designing this ultra modern tool that is totally in synchronicity with all up to date research about how our minds and hearts really work.

Put you own emotion and soul into your program and you will get great benefits I am sure.

I hope this has captured the spirit of how I feel about your turbo machine…

I love it!!

Cheers, Paul

– Paul Pierce

“I am really blown away by how comprehensive it is”

“You seem to cover just about every possible angle that one could be concerned with”

I am in the process of downloading all of the various components of your system. I am really blown away by how comprehensive it is.

You seem to cover just about every possible angle that one could be concerned with. The Videos for set-up and working with the software are truly all encompassing.

Thank you for working so hard to provide great support for what you sell.

Be Blessed,

– Jim

“Visualization Turbo has changed my life.”

“Contacted By New Client For Work…”

Ian Richardson here from Sydney, Australia and I want to tell you how much Visualisation Turbo has changed my life.

Now that may sound dramatic, but it’s the honest truth.

I’ve been unemployed for over 2 years and relying on the Government for an income that just basically keeps you alive. My ambition was to create a business using my Internet knowledge to help local businesses become more successful. I have been “mucking around” with the idea of having an Internet business and to “not be geographically tied to an income” since 2000 and thought it was time to get serious and take the plunge.

The BIG changes in my life and business started happening quite suddenly after I received my Visualization Turbo program and got it running on my computer.

I could list a number of things that changed and happened but the most significant was just recently.

I wanted to visit Carl personally which required traveling overseas. As well all know this can be quite expensive involving airfare, accommodation and food, all of which added up to far more than I thought I could afford.

Without feeling discouraged I just let the thought go and allowed the Universe to find the solution for me.

Within a week the solution was presented to me.

I was contacted by a new client for work, thus giving me more money to use for the trip. This client works for a major airline company and as a favor he offered to secure a return ticket at a quarter of the price, this left more money in my pocket for spending while overseas.

All this was possible only due to the subliminal images presented to me through Visualization Turbo.

I honestly and wholeheartedly believe this to be true and this is why I am giving you my HIGHEST recommendation and implore you to grab your copy of Visualization Turbo today, install it and take note of the changes that happen in your life.

Your future starts NOW.

– Ian Richardson
(My now successful internet business)


“Earned Money Easily…”

“This is AMAZING!!”

Hi Carl,

This is amazing!!

For anyone who is doing this for the first time, get ready to enjoy this adventure, I am still enjoying it after more than a week of nightly practice.

Carl thank you for all the time you put in creating this detailed training. You give great instructions.

I visualized my paycheck being several hundred dollars more that it usually is and within one week, I earned the money easily as I was asked to work some overtime during the weekend on some work that was not at all tedious, I can say the extra money came easily.

I plan on getting creative with my visualizing. I am also using this training for other desires as well.

I enjoy the relaxing meditation very much. It is a great way to end my evenings before going to bed. I look forward to it each day.

Thank you.

– Zoe, USA

“Dreaming Bigger and Bigger… “

“From the first listening, I felt something…”

I loved every bit of it and I went through the whole program.

From the first listening, I felt something. As each day passed by, I found myself dreaming bigger and feeling confident I could achieve everyone of my goals.

As a matter of fact, the ebook I am working on now, was part of my visualizations.

I strongly recommend it to anyone who not only wants to attract more money, but whatever makes them feel fulfilled.

Thanks again for putting this program together.

– Larry Adebesin

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

“Yeah!…It Happened!”

“It’s a wild story, but it’s true!”

Hi, Carl,

I have to tell you the program has brought me hours of fun.

My abundance center is heavenly!

I feel great when I’m there, and believe me, I go there often to create the feelings and things I want to experience.

Just the other day, I was wanting to know what a rough diamond looked like….


It happened!

A friend stopped by and GAVE me a rough diamond he had found years ago in California.

He said the quality isn’t that of pricey diamonds, but it is a beauty!

He was as surprised as I was. He said he was walking out the door and something told him to go back and get one of his diamonds for me.

It’s a wild story, but it’s true.

Who would give up a diamond for a friend?

Someone who imagined it, that’s who!

I imagined it and 3 days later I held a diamond in the rough in my little hand.

Thank you, Carl!

Shirley Bass

Deming, New Mexico USA

Decided To Delve Deeper and Face My Fear!

“The Missing Jigsaw Piece”

Hi Carl ,

My name is Andy I am 44 years young I have a wife and 2 kids typical set up and life . the mortgage the bills the stress of every day life etc etc

Without going into a long winded explanation I tell you that the past 6 months my understanding of life and the universe has jumped to a ridiculously high level.

I have never been religious and have just muddled my way through life experiencing and responding the typical lack of thinking way we are programmed to.

However I stumbled upon a video about the illumanati and was horrified at what was going on and dipped into a level of deep emotional turmoil I then decided to delve deeper to face my fear and stumbled on a video by a man called David Wilcock who spoke about the source field and backed it up scientifically and my interest peaked like never before.

I went from there to various lectures by Bruce Lipton, Bob Proctor, Abraham Hicks and Gregg Braden then to Neville Goddard who sent tingles down my spine literally ………..

Now I find you and listen to the way you speak and explain the simple complexities of life and I find it like the missing jigsaw piece ..I feel that your course or material and your input is what I need and want to develop myself in so many ways.

I thank you for what I have heard so far it has been of great value.

Kind Regards

Andy Muirhead U.K.

“Exceeded Expectations”

“Gratitude, Appreciation, Respect”

Dear Carl

Please accept my gratitude, appreciation and respect for all you do.

Each course I have purchased from you has exceeded expectations.

Your boundless enthusiasm shines through.

Thank you.


– Robert Jefford

“Connection To A Higher Consciousness”

I had no idea “how” connected I was until you said ” I would ask that your higher consciousness give you a sign…

Hi Carl ,

Thanks for making this course available I have indeed purchased it and will be starting the process right away I will endeavor to do it justice I am determined to utilize all the knowledge I gain and make a better life for me and my family and hopefully spread my own success to others who have the capacity to have an open mind to possibilities.

I will admit I jumped straight into your abundance booster audio file ( sorry) however I have to say the reason I did was I have been listening to a lot of Abundance type audio material ( mostly brain sync type) so I wanted to just evaluate it briefly, As I will often drift off in bed listening to the likes of Esther Hicks , or Neville Goddard or as I said Brain Sync – material by Kelly Howell.

Your audio file – abundance booster is the most powerful I have listened to for getting a connection to a higher consciousness as when I listened to it I had no idea “how” connected I was until you said ” I would ask that your higher consciousness give you a sign ” I had an immediate effect like a rush when right through my body the only way I could describe it is if your in a memory that invokes a feeling of love from the stomach out well I felt it like a huge rush of that magnified , actually brought tears to my eyes, pure joy though.

Sorry for going on again I tend to expand in my thoughts especially when I am writing anything. which is where my real talent lies, I suspect, ha ha, kept getting ideas jumping into my head about writing a book …..

I will keep in touch,

Thanks again all the best to you and your family and friends.

Andy Muirhead U.K.

Long Time Visualization Student Says…

“Took Me To A Level I’ve Never Been To Before”

I’ve been visualizing for a long time, but your course took me to a level I’ve never been to before.

Thank you very much!

Andy Watson

Note From Carl : The following is a testimonial for just using the Wallet Purse Tornado audio alone.

This stuff is POWERFUL, period…

200% work came to my business in 2 DAYS.

“Well, here the story…

I am running an online business which was going quite well.

Carl gave me his audio, but…. I listen to it just because he is a friend and Goshhhhhhh.

200% work came to my business in 2 DAYS.

This stuff is POWERFUL, period…

So much work that I stop advertizing as I can’t do it all now, overloaded.

Note that I am a very skeptical person and I do not believe in this kind of stuff,

The 15 mins I spent listening to his audio is the best time well spent for me in a long time. I decide to listen to it everyday as part of my routine.

Thanks Carl!

Bruno, France