What is SIMS?

Carl Andrew BradbrookM any of the people who ask me to coach them are “Busy” people. Busy people with full schedules and hectic lifestyles.

Not hectic because they are disorganized, but because of all the the tasks they have to fit into each day.

When they contact me for help it’s usually because they have some kind of problem they need solving, which they know “imagining” will solve.

How do they know?

Because when I talk to them and ask them what kind of self improvement work they do…

They reel off a list of authors, books, audios, courses they have done and some of the things they have learned.

It’s a delicious list of scrumptious knowledge they have eagerly ingested and the cherry on top is most often "Imagining Creates Reality. (finally they found their way home)

The next question I ask them is what kind of regular self improvement practices they do on a daily basis.

At that point a hush comes over the call as they rack their brains for the simple answer.

So I try to help…

Carl: Do you do any regular relaxation or meditation?

Relieved Client: Nope, too busy, don’t have the time. I’d like to though.

Carl: Do you do any regular Imagining sessions?

Relieved Client: Nope, but I do love listening to Neville (or Esther and Abraham)…did do some imagining couple of times last year in June though.

Carl: Do you do any "Revision and Clearing" work?

Relieved Client: What's that?

Invariably they feed their mind with quality information that inspires and uplifts them…

But, more often than not, they rarely (hens teeth kind of rare) do the work that actually creates the change in their situation.

Smart people, effective in their careers, trying to do the best for themselves and their family, but frustratingly drowning in a sea of problems that they know they can solve, if they had the time or knew what to do.

“I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to get coaching from Carl. I was going through some huge life changes from doing the Abundance Life Vision Training and became uncertain how to handle it. I contacted Carl for some help, and I am so glad that I did.

Carl was generous with his time, and he helped me immensely. Carl was able to guide me to the answers that I asked for, and gave me advice that I was able to immediately apply.

After our session, I was more centered and focused and had a clearer sense of awareness than I have ever had before. I am very grateful to Carl for his coaching and training courses.
J. C.

Quick story…

In 2004 I was sitting at my table in the lounge room of a beautiful cottage. The cottage was perched on the side of a hill at the edge of a forest with a wonderful view. The birds would sing in the mornings and I would feed them on the veranda.

I was there for 4 months to work on a project and had “a lot” of writing to do.

One day, about two months into the project, I had one of those “looming disaster” kind of realizations.

A quick progress check revealed I’d done a lot of research, but hadn’t actually produced anything at all. The penny dropped and I knew I had to get my ass in gear and fast as time was running out. So I started writing.

One day while I was working I had this life changing “epiphany”. I could hear a choir of my personal angels singing “Hallelujah” and dancing with joy in the light.

It dawned on me that I had been pretty seriously on the self improvement path since 1998 (6 years) and that I had read a lot of books, listened to hundreds of audios, been through loads of courses but I hadn’t actually done ANYTHING beyond that.

Zip, Nada, Nothing…

None of the real inner work that creates the change.

As if to hammer home the truth, right in front of me sitting on the table, was a new box of courses that I had ordered on one of those “warehouse sale events”. (A courier had delivered it a couple of days earlier and it was still unopened.)

Crazy I know, but true.

I thought I was a superhero self help dude, privy to all kinds of secret knowledge… (complete with Guru sized library)

But I’d completely missed doing the one thing that counts…

Here’s an interesting fact (shocking actually)

98% of people who buy courses never finish them (It used to be 95% – That’s some backward modern progress for you 😉

And it doesn’t only happen in the education and self help fields.

Late ninety’s I wanted to get fit, so I marched off down to the local trendy gym in Bondi Junction.

I marched up the steps to the service desk, declared my intention, slapped down over $500 and with new membership card in hand exited the gym, dancing down the steps like Fred Astaire, floating high on a cloud of hope and dreams.

That was the only time I went there. Up and down the 6 front steps one time 500 bucks. LOL (Not the only time I gave free money to gyms either 🙂

Sound familiar?

So how are we gonna break the cycle?

How are we going to get that success rate up for people, so that it is 80% plus who finish the course?

Let’s get specific here…

How are we going to make sure that we learn how to do this Imagining and Manifesting “inner work”, the work that sets us free?

Who and how is someone going to hold our nose to the grindstone (In a nice way) so that we actually show up and DO the change work?

Well, I’ve hatched a cunning plan that will solve all your “Imagining and Manifesting” problems. (if you have any)

It’s called the “Simple Imagine Manifest System”.

But this is not just a training…

Remember the kind of problems many of my coaching clients have when they show up?

Major problem is they haven’t allocated “time” to do what they need to do.

They also don’t have a plan and many don’t know what to do.

They have a lot of knowledge, but haven’t used it effectively.

That’s the problem with knowledge…

Feels so goooood .... but doesn’t get you very far.

Wisdom however, gets you where you want to go. 

Wisdom is applied knowledge.

Wisdom comes from experience.

And that is where I step in and why my private clients hire me.

They hire me to give them a “Structure”, “Wisdom” and a “Plan”

Then they show up.

I guide them through some processes (which I make easy to learn)

They manifest their objective, which usually solves their problem and they learn some neat “Imagining” and "Revision & Clearing"  techniques to take away with them.


“Carl’s coaching provided me with the support, focus and confidence when I was waiting for news on whether my promotion had been approved.

Carl‘s coaching techniques of imagining and scripting provided me with the focusing tools to consider only the best outcome. His guided imagining technique of imagining the desired outcome and scripting desired scenarios proved very prophetic.

I was very pleased when I received news of my promotion – just as I had imagined during the guided exercises with Carl.
Thank you, Carl
L.B.  - USA

Now, how does that apply to you?

Back at the beginning of April this year I ran an  Imagining and Manifesting training of Ten (10) "Live" Workshops.

There were attendees from around the world and we got together on teleseminar calls 1 to 2 times a week.

I recorded the entire workshop series and made it available to all of the participants via a private members area and password protected teleseminar area.

It's a powerful workshop series and in it we go DEEP into Imagining and Manifesting and the KEY areas of Revision (of the undesired past) and Clearing and Cleaning of "Energy Blocks" that bring most people to a standstill.

I’ve put a comprehensive overview of the “Simple Imagine Manifest System” Training Workshops on the next couple of pages as this has been quite a long post (over 1200 words)

Carpe Diem!

Click the red button and I’ll see you on the next page.

Carl Andrew BradbrookBlessings and wonderful imaginings!

Carl Andrew “Taking Imagin-Action” Bradbrook